7 Signs Your Short-Term Fling Is Actually A Long-Term Relationship

Ever find yourself in limbo with that person you've been seeing?

Maybe it's been a few weeks or months and you haven't had that serious talk about what you are, but you've noticed you've been spending a lot more time together.

Here are seven signs you may not realize are indicators your short-term fling is, in fact, a long-term relationship.

1. She's brought over toiletries.

When a girl brings over a toothbrush, its serious. No longer are you both about the one-night's but now you both are looking to spend some time together that doesn't involve just sex.

When a girl brings over her makeup, it's just as good as her bringing over clothes.

2. She's got a designated drawer.

In all that's going on with March Madness, you've taken the time to clear out a drawer you used for comics so she has a place to store her stuff.

Suddenly, you're realizing you want her to feel at home, comfortable -- that plus you know she's not too keen on wearing your boxers since you aren't a fan of laundry.

3. Your fridge has suddenly magically become stocked, with adult food.

No longer is there days-old Chinese, empty pizza boxes and beer. Now you have fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, bread and condiments.

Your fridge that once had an odd stench coming from it every time you opened it now has this new smell -- clean. When a girl is taking the time and effort to make sure you BOTH have food that's not only edible but healthy, it means she's thinking about the well-being of both of you.

4. You've introduced her as your girlfriend.

You're out on a date and run into some colleagues and you introduce her as your girlfriend. Maybe it was a Freudian slip, or maybe it's because you know you've both entered this level of intimacy and longevity that you've taken matters into your own hands.

Calling her your girlfriend means YOU see this fling, this short-term, one-night stand as more than just that. You see the potential, you see a future!

5. You aren't making plans for the weekend.

You don't need to ask what she's doing this weekend, nor does she have to ask you what you're doing. You both know you'll be spending it together, it's unspoken and it's desired.

You know Saturday morning you'll spend it with breakfast in bed while she finishes the crossword puzzle of this week's trashy Us Weekly. And you couldn't be happier and more content as to how you're spending your time.

6. "Your" space has now become "our" space.

No longer are you using the pronoun "mine" to describe your once bachelor pad home, now it's "ours."

When you ask friends over, you ask them if they want to come back to "our place" because it's not just you anymore, it's the two of you.

7. She's got a key to your place.

You're walking down the street and you see a shop that copies keys and you walk in. Next thing you know, you are giving her her own key to the apartment since it's both of your homes now.

You want her to know you are serious and you trust her. Giving her a key shows her you are in this for the long haul and you hope she is, too.

At the end of the day, when you naturally and effortlessly see and plan a future with them -- and not a week or month down the road -- you're already planning your lifetime together, and that my friend is when your short-term is now long-term.

Embrace it and know sometimes it's when you least expect it that the greatest thing happens.

You don't expect to find what you're looking for but, hey -- here they are standing right in front of you and ready to take on this journey together!