Love Is Blind
Apparently, Shake Chatterjee’s behavior toward Deepti Vempati after 'Love Is Blind' has been just as...

Shake Was Even Worse To Deepti Off-Camera, According To Her

This is so messed up.


Deepti Vempati is Netflix’s latest sweetheart, but her road to earning that title has been rough. During her time on Love Is Blind Season 2, Deepti’s relationship and engagement with Shake Chatterjee was hard to watch. Every episode, it seemed like Shake was determined to insult her, constantly telling other castmates that he did not feel a sexual attraction for her. And apparently, Shake’s behavior toward Deepti after Love Is Blind wrapped has been just as hurtful.

On March 2, Deepti went on The Viall Files podcast and opened up about how she’s been feeling toward her ex-fiancé since filming ended — and she’s not in a very forgiving mood (for good reason). “After filming had wrapped, I was under the impression that we could at least celebrate this friendship that we built cause we’ve gone through something so insane and that like no one else understands,” Deepti told host Nick Viall. But, “as the days unfolded after filming had wrapped, I just started to see more of his true character,” and she didn’t like what she noticed.

Apparently, Shake always had an “issue with at least one person in the room.” Plus, he spoke freely and bluntly about his active dating life post-filming despite the fact that he was in front of his ex-fiancée. “He was very outward about his dating, and we had just ended this engagement,” she explained. It’s no wonder, then, that she started distancing herself.


Still, that didn’t make watching the season (and Shake’s actions) back any less painful. According to Deepti, during filming, Shake would openly tell her that he felt that they lacked chemistry — but she had no idea how often he insulted her to others. “I was so disappointed. Honestly, there are no words. And I’m pretty sure he got a good edit. I’ve heard from castmates that he said way worse. So that says something,” she explained.

She also took care of Shake during filming and after things had wrapped — adding an extra sting to his biting remarks. Per Deepti, she often “calmed him down,” even walking his dog and making him breakfast when filming got really stressful. Plus, he’d often call her to vent after their episodes aired on Netflix.

Despite their continued communication post-filming, Shake never gave her an apology. “And right now, he still hasn’t apologized to me personally or to my family,” she told Viall. “The first thing in admitting you made a mistake is maybe apologizing to the person you f*cked with.” (Agreed.)

Shake’s social media presence has also rubbed her the wrong way. ICYMI, he has been posting photos with Deepti on Instagram despite their unhappily-ever-after. “He’s kinda insinuating on social media that we’re amicable.” And spoiler alert: They’re not.

That said, eventually Deepti resolved to take a step back from their so-called friendship. “He wants my energy. I’ve had it. I’m done,” she explained. “After watching it unfold, I mean, oh man, it’s so upsetting to see because I thought this was my friend. And you don’t talk about your friend this way, let alone your fiancée.”

Per Deepti, seeing everything play out has helped her find closure. “It solidifies my approach of leaving him alone and letting him live his life is the best choice I ever made.” Mic. Drop.