6 Ways Sexting Can Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Going Strong

By Clayton Fletcher

A recent finding by researchers at Drexel University indicates as many as 88 percent of adults have engaged in sexting, and I'm proud to be in the majority.

As a man who believes the most important sexual organ is the brain, I'm here to tell you sexting in a relationship is hot!

Now, I'm not opposed to tastefully done pictures of you riding a quarter horse in a French bikini, or lying face up, covered in rose petals à la "American Beauty." But to me, a word is worth a thousand pictures.

Here are the reasons why texting your guy, in graphic detail, all the dirty things you want to do with (and to) him can keep your long-term relationship going strong:

1. Sharing secrets builds trust.

What secret is bigger than that kinky thing you want him to do to you with that jar of pimentos? There are no judgments here!

Trusting your guy with the most private things you like to do, in private and with your privates, will strengthen your bond.

Unless, of course, he forwards that text to his bros, In that case, you've picked the wrong guy.

2. Sexy thoughts build tension (the good kind).

We've all been there. You're anticipating a big night and feeling extra amorous. You keep looking at the clock, which seems to be standing still.

You know tonight's the night, and he texts you something dirty he knows you'll love. Then, that stupid clock starts moving backward!

Building anticipation is a great way to enhance the payoff once the relief finally comes.

3. Men are fragile and weak.

I'll admit it; I've had sex with a woman, and I've often wondered whether or not she faked it. Did she have as good enough of a time as I did? Was it everything she hoped it would be?

Was the bicycle horn too much? Should I call her, or wait three days like all those stupid books say?

One time, a woman sent me a scorching sext that made it quite clear the only thing she faked the night before was how much she liked the wine at Otto.

It was a huge ego boost for me, and we ended up dating for almost three years!

4. Dopamine is addictive.

Doing something dangerous and falling in love have a key brain chemical in common: dopamine.

This neurotransmitter triggers that powerful endorphin rush we feel, whether we're falling in love or bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower.

While sending a naughty text to someone, you might experience a rush of excitement that can actually improve your chances of bonding!

The brain doesn't differentiate between love and excitement at first, and that confusion can be incredibly sexy.

5. Fun is king.

Why do you think everyone's Tinder profile says, "I'm super fun to be around" and "I love to laugh and have a good time"? Nobody wants a boring prude or uncreative deadbeat.

Sexting can remind your partner of one of the most fun things about you: your wild and adventurous sex kitten alter ego.

6. Sexting prevents cheating!

As a comedian who travels a lot for work, I have found that sexting can help keep me focused on the one who's waiting for me at home, instead of the one who's looking for me at the bar.

With travel comes temptation, but a hot message from my girl reminds me she's worth the wait every time.

I hope you'll discover the joys of sexting, but who am I talking to? Eighty-eight percent of you already do!