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This Is What Women Really Think About When They're Having Boring Sex

Most of the time, when women are having subpar sex, we won't really say anything about it to you because we don't want you to take it the wrong way. That being said, our needs are important, and we'd like for you to please us to pure satisfaction (ahem, orgasm, people).

I know that when I'm having really, really good sex, I'm so caught up in the moment that it's hard for me to think about anything else. But when I'm having really bad sex, I mostly just think about anything else but the sex itself. Well, it looks like I'm not the only one.

This is what 10 women have really thought about during cringeworthy sex:

1. This girl would rather have her boyfriend just bang someone else:

2. This girl, who'd rather be in the kitchen than in the bedroom, was less than pleased:

3. But, she wasn't the only one with food on the brain:

4. I'm seeing a common theme here:

5. This girl's room decor was more compelling than her boyfriend's penis:

6. OK, maybe this woman would have just been better off single with her cats:

7. OK, WTF? This is just getting dark:

8. This girl's boyfriend needs to step it up if he ever wants to last:

9. Vibrators > the real thing:

10. And this girl's boyfriend straight-up turned her gay (damn):

What can we conclude from this? Men, you need to TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE and SATISFY YOUR WOMEN, dammit. If you put in more effort, we wouldn't be having these thoughts in the first place. All I have left to say is, these confessions make me feel better about being single.

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