Will The Woman Ever Be The One To Pop The Question?

According to a study from University of California Santa Cruz, a woman will never ever be the one who pops the big question- at least not anytime soon.

The study questioned 277 heterosexual college students asking whether they’d prefer marriage proposals in which the woman would be the one asking the man to marry her. Exactly 0% of the students surveyed said they’d prefer the woman to be the one to get down on one knee.

66% of the students (both female and male) said that they’d “definitely” want the man to be the one proposing and about 2.8% of women said they’d “kind of” want to propose. None of the male students marked off that they would prefer the woman to propose.

Not much of a surprise. Marriage is a very traditional act and therefore is usual kept as much in line with tradition as possible.

For those that consider themselves very liberal, there is a tendency of avoiding marriage all together and a preference for a domestic setup where they and their partner live together, and even have a family, without ever being married.

Paul Hudson | Elite.