Here's Exactly How To Find Your G-Spot So You Get The Pleasure You Deserve

by Alison Segel
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While I am a woman who possesses a vagina, I must sadly admit I am not that well-versed in my own anatomy. I know the G-spot and clitoris are prime spots to stimulate an orgasm, but if someone were to ask me, "Where is the G-spot?" I would have literally no good answer to give. This probably isn't great to admit, considering I am a sex, dating, and relationship writer, but I believe in honesty, so here we go y'all. We're gonna figure this out together.

Despite a lifetime of faking orgasms with various partners (this was incredibly dumb to do, and I wish I hadn't), I didn't actually climax until I was 28 years old. I'd finally found the right position, speed, and depth that worked for me. But at the same time, I still didn't really know where my orgasms were coming from or what exactly was being stimulated. Now that I'm in my 30s — supposedly my sexual peak — it's important that I school myself in my own anatomy. If I inform myself, then I can inform someone else about this mystical G-spot I've heard so much about.

So here's exactly how to find your own G-spot so you get the pleasure you deserve. Because you deserve a lot of pleasure, bb!

Use your hand.

The G-spot is on the upper, front wall of your vagina, about half way to the cervix — approximately 2 to 3 inches up your vagina, according to Men's Health. It's essentially a walnut-shaped bump that's rough and spongy in texture.

To find it, Women's Health suggests you should get yourself in the mood a little before you start going crazy up there, as being aroused will make the G-spot easier to feel and find. Once you're ready, though, insert two fingers into your vagina, with your palm facing up. Rub them against the upper wall of your vagina (so closer to your stomach) until you feel said bump, which should feel different from the rest of your vaginal canal. Then, with continuous stimulation of this spot, you should get an intense orgasm. (Though, every woman is different, and it may not work for everyone.)

I also went to Reddit to find a few personal answers about finding the G-spot from some people who claim to know.

I love a step-by-step list. Are you trying this now as you read the article?

You can also use a toy if you want to get ~crazy~.

Vera Lair

There are several sex toys out there that are meant specifically for stimulating your G-spot. There's a small, portable vibrator from Leather & Arts that you can get for only $10 on Amazon or a Rabbit Vibrator (available on Amazon for $69) that is slightly curved at the end to make sure it brings you to climax.

And if you needed another reason to start focusing on your G-spot a little more in the bedroom, apparently, G-spot orgasms are way different from clitoral orgasms, too. Lorrae Bradbury, sexpert and founder of the sex-positive Slutty Girl Problems, told Elite Daily:

Clitoral orgasms are generally described as very focused, intense sensations throughout the clitoris and possibly the labia and genital area. On the other hand, G-spot orgasms are typically described as broader, deeper, longer, more intense, and throughout the pelvis and sometimes the entire body.

Yes, please!

So if you have any suggestions on finding the G-spot, tell me in the comments. I've gotta know. And so do all the people who plan on pleasuring me (Brad Pitt and also the guy who plays the clown in IT).

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