What Each Sex Position Will Make Her Scream


I like to have sex…a lot. Who doesn’t, right? It’s because I love women. There isn’t any part of a woman that I can’t find sexy from one angle or another. Legs, ass, thighs, neck, arms, armpits, wrists, ankles, bellybutton, the curves in the back, the curves around the hips, the breasts, nipples, even the little hairs that cover just about everything.

Women are a work of art and I guess it’s for this reason I feel the need to stick my paintbrush in them. I don’t discriminate when it comes to women either — as long as I find them beautiful and sexy, they’re my type. Black, white, yellow, brown or any mix thereof is game. Location doesn’t matter either — anywhere and everywhere is my motto.

Positions? The more variety, the more fun. I’m not one for quickies…If I’m going to have sex, I like to make sure that I’m dehydrated by the end of it. If you’re going for hours, then you have no choice but to switch things up or risk monotony and the disappearance of excitement. The funny thing that I noticed is that although most women have a certain ‘go-to’ exclamation of ecstasy when in the act of doing the dirty-dirty, if you mix things up with the same woman (or women) enough, you are bound to get different exclamations from different positions. It must have something to do with the depth of penetration, the angle of entrance and the type of clitoral stimulation.

Whatever it is, it’s a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorite positions and some of the most often accompanying screams of orgasmic pleasure. I’ve done in-depth research with a large group of participants, so I believe this to be fairly accurate. I’m curious to see if you find this to correlate with your own sexual experiences.

“Oh My God!”- Missionary

This is the position we all start with. Woman on her back and guy on top. To be honest, this is one of my favorite positions because the man is the one in control — I like control — and because gravity is on your side, the depth of penetration is maximal. Of course, maximum penetration is not always what you are looking for — some women find it uncomfortable when the guy goes in too deep.

However, if you are looking for her to scream “Oh My God!” -- this is your position. The depth and control combined with the clitoral stimulation available with such a comfortable position is optimal for her pleasure. Unfortunately, it is also optimal for his pleasure…so you may need to switch it up before finishing too quickly yourself.

“Holy Sh*t!”- Female Superior

Woman on top — who can say no to that. There’s nothing in the world quite as attractive as a strong, confident woman. This translates perfectly into the bedroom. There are several variations of having the woman on top, one of which is the Reverse Cowgirl (awesome), so feel free to play around with it. Having the woman on top can be ideal for when the man is having trouble bringing her to orgasm — it happens to the best of us. Having her on top allows her to get the rhythm, pace, depth and pressure that she wants in order for her to get herself to bliss.

The majority of women will yell “Holy Sh*t!’ when they reach the peak — my guess is that it’s because she is surprised at how good she really is. “Holy sh*t do I know how to work that D…” Of course, if you’re like me you can only allow her so much control in the sack and will need to switch it up after a few minutes. Then again… watching her twerk all over you is not something many can complain about.

“F*ck me!”- Doggy Style

I’m pretty sure this was the first position I ever tried — I saw it in so many pornos going through puberty that I had to give it a try the second I was granted access into the Garden of Eden. I will be honest and tell you that I didn’t get a “F*ck me!” the first time around, but after some practice this was just about all I could get the woman to say in this position.

Hopefully she has long hair so that you can pull her hair back during; if not, take both of her wrists behind her back in one of your hands and hold her up by her shoulder with her other. I’m getting excited just writing about it.

“YES! YES! Right There!” - Seated Scissor

This one is a variation of her on top. Man is on his back with his knees bent while the woman straddles him with one leg on the side of his hip and the other around his leg. This again will allow for the woman to have the control while using your leg for support. She can vary the speed and the rotations while having to turn her head just to look at you.

For some reason or another this position is very exciting for both people — I think it’s because it gives the man a silhouette view of the woman. They just have such amazingly arousing silhouettes. She’ll be screaming “Right There!” with minimum effort on your side.

“Don’t Stop!”-Flat Iron

I had to look up the name of this one. This is one of my go-to positions: Woman lies down on her stomach in plank position while the man straddles her. Eventually the woman will raise her hips towards the man to get more penetration. This is great for both the man and the woman because while the woman gets a fuller feel of the man due to her having her legs closed tight, the man gets a bit of cushion for the pushin’. This is a great position for mutual finish. She’ll be telling you not to stop and you’ll be more than happy to oblige.

“Blmfghlmmmm!”- 69

Need I say more? For a twist, try this one standing. The guy will need a good amount of upper body strength in order to flip the woman upside down, but it’s most definitely worth it. Be careful though… with all the blood rushing to her head she could pass out if kept there for too long.

“Harder! HARDER!”- Standing

Stand up. Throw her arms around your neck. Pick her up from behind her knees and settle her softly onto the sweet spot. This position is demanding, but the results are amazing. You’ll definitely get a hell of a workout, but it’s worth it to hear her scream “HARDER!” Again, gravity is on your side, so harder is not the problem.