Updating Your Nightstand Drawer: Sex Toys

In the wake of the sensation that was the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been an impassioned sex craze. American women and women from around the world were, rather rudely, awakened with provocative material as well as a few new ideas to consider. It brought the topic of sex to the forefront.

We all know of the dirty magazines guys have hidden under their beds or the files they keep deep in within their MacBook's hard-drive. The female equivalent of their Playboy Magazines is the drawer of our nightstand. So lets dust off the handcuffs (a classic but so ten years ago) and as Salt and Pepa once said 'Lets Talk About Sex Baby'.

For the Beginners:  The Trojan Vibrating Touch



Described as being small, discrete, and powerful: this device is known as the fingertip massager. It is easy to use, encased in a soft case, and according to the Trojan website “is the perfect little aid to help create big pleasure, providing thrilling vibrations right at your fingertips.”

Vibrating Touch, $19, Amazon 

For music lovers: The Omibod Gspot


This gadget is particularly unique. It can vibrate in sync with the music from your iPod or other MP3 device. It also comes equipped with a 7-speed capacity if you don't feel like using your playlist. According to the manufacturer,  this product is “designed to hit that magic “G” note in all of us.”

Ohmibod Freestyle, $120, Ohmibod

For those in long distance relationships: Mojowijo Vibrator



This one is a little out there but definitely worth mentioning. Say you and your man are worlds away. This very 21st century device can connect you both wirelessly. It can connect to a  laptop or Wii console and thus can be controlled by your guy, from where ever he is.

Mojowijo, $119, Mojowijo

Fifty Shades Pick: Silk Blindfold


A classic. It adds a bit of mystery and its eternally sexy.

Blindfold, $3, Etsy

Arianna Wright | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images