23 Hilarious Tweets About All The Much Better Alternatives To ‘Netflix And Chill’

I think I can speak for everyone when I say we're tired of "Netflix and chill."

Let it be known, we all still want to LITERALLY Netflix and chill, meaning watch 18 episodes of something in a row until I have to be physically removed from my couch. But the figurative "Netflix for two seconds, and then someone gives somebody a look, and then you do ~the sex~" is old and boring.

Now, we're all ready to move on to bigger and better things. And thank God there are SO many better combinations to do this weekend to keep your life exciting.

Here are all the WAY better alternatives to "Netflix and chill" that you probably haven't even thought of yet:

"Eat 18 Red Lobster biscuits in 30 seconds and pass out" is my favorite thing to do besides have anxiety.

Tell me a better feeling than taking your bra off. I dare you.

Redbull and headbang... and buy Advil after because that's a lot.


I just have a lot of feelings.

@ShyJeff202, where are you now that I need you?

Netflix and chill? Nah, Phil and Lil, my guy.

Mysteries and wienies forever.

Me, shoving breadsticks in my purse: I have to go right now immediately.

I can only commit to shows that have at least five seasons with a robust 20 episodes per season.

That better mean you're gonna turn on Netflix for me, buy me buffalo wings and then leave me alone.

Kendrick Lamar for president, everyone.

Crunchy rolls for vice president, everyone.

@JennaEberley is the only voice of reason we have in this mad world.

Eating and sleeping are the only sources of happiness anymore, you feel me?

"Netflix and anxiety" is literally my middle name. Check my birth certificate.

I love shutting the hell up. I love when other people shut the hell up. I love chilling.


For the love of God, just feed the ducks with me.

I'm down for the late-night drives, but only if those are to and from multiple Taco Bell locations.

So. Much. Regret.

So everyone, before you Netflix and chill like a boring noob, try these alternatives and just remember: