9 Phrases Your Parents Used Instead Of 'Netflix And Chill'

Millennials may find it hard to believe, but the phrase “Netflix and chill” wasn't always the go-to code for "wanting to bone."

We all have parents who also needed to keep their pre-marital sex lives hidden from their own parents. And those parents, our grandparents, had some phrases about wanting to get busy too. In descending order, we've broken down what these dirty phrases mean from the olden days to the present.

“Do you want to go parking?”

You see it in all the black and white movies, when there is a random hillside or cliff that happens to be abandoned, and there is a couple totally getting after it in the car. Back seat or front seat, the windows had to be steamy for it to count as a hook up.

“How about we do some necking and petting?”

This one is pretty self-explanatory, and honestly, a bit graphic for those old folks to have used. The former term, necking, meant making out with the side effect of some major hickeys that would surface after. The latter term, petting, meant touching, above or under clothing was up to the pair involved.

“Let's round the bases.”

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The base-to-body-part correlation seems to change each time I hear it. More or less, rounding the bases is a way to go from a make out session, to feeling each other up, to finally getting to home base and having sex. A home run was always what was sought after.

“We're going all the way.”

An update to the home run analogy, the phrase 'to go all the way' means you're doing the deed. Pretty self-explanatory on this one.

“Want to get lucky tonight?”

This is not only said in Kentucky, contrary to what the rhymes on graphic t-shirts may say. 'Getting lucky' is a phrase that compares sexy time to gambling. You play your cards right and you reap the benefits. Yahtzee!

“We're going scrumping.”

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Oh the '80s. Great for big hair, neon spandex, and this obscure word that was used to replace "necking and petting." After going with your partner for the proper amount of time back then, "scrumping" was how you would seal the deal and make him or her your official bae.

“I'm doing it all for the nookie.”

Made famous by Limp Bizkit in the very late '90s, this phrase really shows how high on the priority list some will put sex. No need for cookies here, just sex will do.

“You want to go get some?”

Is this when we got some cookies? Still no. The vague use of 'some' in this phrase left it open to interpretation as to how far the intimacy would go. But if we're being honest, 'some' meant 'all' and as we learned a few decades ago "all the way" means sex.

“How about we watch a move in my room?”

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Generation X was all about getting those TVs into the bedrooms. We had the privacy of a twin bed surrounded by posters of people you wanted to be when you grew up. And what way to grow up than with a new DVD on while you squeaked away on that bed frame before mom and dad came home from work.

“Do you want to watch Netflix and chill?”

I'll bring the popcorn and you bring the condoms.

It's all the same no matter how you say it. From our great grandparents who would make out with just the countryside in the background, all the way to present day sex with "House of Cards" blaring on our TVs, everyone just wants to have a good time.

There is going to be a new phrase in a few years and those kids will laugh at how transparent we were with our pick-up lines so better savor being cool while you can.