3 Things Girls Do While Kissing That Drive Men Crazy

by Annie Foskett

My first thought when it came to thinking about men and kissing was "men are simple creatures, they all love sex, and thus, all must go crazy over any kissing at all, right?"

Then, I reminded myself that as a feminist, it is not cool to generalize about any gender. Not all men are going to like the same things when it comes to kissing, just like not all women like a smack on the bum in the bedroom.

We've all had a terrible, toothy kiss, and we've also (hopefully) all had the treat of making out with a particularly good kisser.

It usually comes down to chemistry and connection, but at the start of a new fling, kissing can be a little nerve-wracking. You are still getting used to each others' likes and dislikes when it comes to hooking up.

I love the good, clean, fun of an old-school make out session. But I also totally understand the desire to impress a new cutie, who respects you and treats you nicely, with the right "moves."

I headed to Reddit — where men are super honest about everything — to ask what drives them crazy when it comes to kissing. So next time you're hanging out with the potential bae in your life, see how these techniques work:

1. Get Handsy

No, I don't mean go straight for the real-life eggplant emoji. (I was actually surprised that only one dude on Reddit said "Fondle me bools.")

Regardless, guys like being touched other places on their bodies, too:

That's right. Bums are bueno for guys. I mean, let's face it. You have to put your hands somewhere:

Not feeling brave enough to go toward the rear yet? Start up top. Guys like hair care, too:

2. Be Forward

Powerful women, unite. Guys totally love a little push or pull from you, too. After all, it's 2017. Remind him who's in charge:

It can even be simpler. Don't be afraid to take up space and lean in (literally), ladies:

And if things are really heating up, and the kissing has gone horizontal?

3. Be True To You

Remember that there are no real tricks when it comes to being a better kisser or delighting your man more. If the connection is real, the kiss will be, too.

I love the realness from this Reddit user about what drives him crazy when a girl kisses him:

Yes, making out is obviously a physical act, but it's also about communication.

I find that kissing can be more intimate than sex and is a really sweet way to begin learning about each others' bodies, likes, wants, and needs.

The best way to have a great kiss? Just go for it and be true to yourself. Don't hold back because of nerves. (From Reddit, it seems very few guys would be upset even if you immediately grabbed their tush.)

Get into the kiss as much as you are feeling it, try not to use your teeth or shove your tongue down his throat, and have fun!

Kissing for president!