Huge Study Confirms Exactly What You Suspected About How Porn Affects Your BF

Remember when you were young and thought porn was, like, not a thing every single person on the planet watched? That was funny, right?

Sure, it can make a person feel a little insecure to know their significant other is watching literal sex professionals do the dirty, but overall, it's a pretty natural habit for men and women.

That being said, ever wonder how exactly watching porn affects your own sex life? Or how watching porn affects your boyfriend?

Turns out, it's not great.

A MASSIVE study, which included data from 50 studies and over 50,000 participants, revealed men who watch porn are more likely to feel unsatisfied in their IRL relationships.


Men who watch porn are more likely to feel unsatisfied in their IRL relationships.

The study, published in Human Communication Research, was conducted by researchers from Indiana University and the University of Hawaii, Mānoa, and boy, did they have their work cut out for them.

The study included participants from over 10 different countries and ultimately addressed how watching porn affects people AND if it's in a positive or negative way.

Essentially, researchers found there was a dip in overall relationship satisfaction for porn viewers, but only for MALE porn viewers.

Women, however, seemingly showed no connection between their porn habits and their satisfaction with their personal relationships.

So why is this? Researchers suggested it could be because men take on an unrealistic idea of what sex should be. And in turn, they become pretty disappointed when real-life sex didn't live up to their expectations.

But that's not the only difference between men and women's porn-watching habits. Pornhub previously reported that at least 26 percent of their viewership comes from females.

While that number may not seem THAT high, they did see a noticeable drop in people logging in during the Women's March this past January.

The moral of the story is, don't be idiots, guys. Not all of us are able to wrap our knee caps behind our shoulder blades, and the sooner you can let go of that expectation, the better sex will be for everyone.

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