How Well Do You Know These Crazy Sex Slang Terms? (Quiz)

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Do you know what a "pornament" is? How about what "soaking" means? Nope, DIDN'T THINK SO.

Or maybe you DO know what these sex slang terms are. Maybe you are a hip, happening, sexy, cool cat who knows every sex slang term there is to know. If so, GO YOU.

Either way, you will never know how much of an expert you are for sure until you take this super fun sex slang trivia quiz to find out.

Here's the thing: I didn't know any of these words. Seriously, guys, I didn't know a single one, and I'm a sex and dating writer.

So I went through all of the nooks and crannies of Urban Dictionary to find you the nine BEST new sex terms that totally challenge everything you ever thought you knew about sex.

Take it alone, take it with your boyfriend, take it with your girlfriend, OR take it with your boyfriend AND your girlfriend. Take it with your mom, for all I care! Turn it into a competition with your friends, and see who knows the most super-sexy trivia.

Are you a total prude who doesn't even know one word? Or are you the perfect amount of normal who doesn't know TOO many sexy words, but still a fair amount? Maybe you're just a dirty, dirty dog, who knows the definition of every single dirty, dirty word.

Find out your level of sex-pertise once and for all: