There's A New Internet Meme Out There And You Can Thank Porn For This Gem

by Candice Jalili
Daring Wanderer/Stocksy

Every day on the internet, there's a new meme sweeping the nation. And the only thing more random than the meme, itself? Where it came from.

I mean, it feels like just yesterday all of my news feeds were flooded with "Cash me outside how bow dah" memes. Then, I looked up the origin and... it was literally some random girl on Dr. Phil? Like... what?

This brings me to today's latest meme sensation: "right in front of my salad." Much like the whole "cash me outside" phenomenon, these "right in front of my salad" memes have suddenly hijacked any and all of my social media feeds.

For those of you guys who haven't been keeping up with internet culture, basically all it is, is a picture of a girl eating a salad. Then, you use the caption along with the photo to complain about something.

For example, there's this tweet complaining about people talking about going back to school right in front of her salad.

Or this tweet of a girl complaining about people eating dead animals right in front of her salad.

Some people just scrapped the pictures and went straight for the funny salad caption.

But finally, someone was brave enough to wonder where this random meme was even coming from.

For better or worse, they got their answer.

Yep, you read that correctly. THE "RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD" MEME LITERALLY COMES FROM A GAY PORN SCENE. What a wild turn of events.

Minds were legit being blown everywhere.

But then, one logical person had a pretty fair answer that, TBH, I'd love to know the answer to.

Like, seriously, how much can I get paid to just munch on some mixed greens while some dudes go to town on each other from across the table? Seems like a pretty easy gig to me.

If any gay porn producers are reading this, PLEASE COMMENT BALL PARK COMPENSATION FIGURES BELOW.

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