Guys Reveal The Only Times They Would Ever Turn Down Sex

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I find it hard to imagine a situation in which a guy would ever turn down sex.

It did happen to me though. Once. Yeah, I pulled a "Sheena," meaning I showed up at my ex's apartment and demanded he have sex with me.

He told me I was too drunk and let me spend the night, but wouldn't give me the gift of penis. It was a sad day. I remember thinking in my drunk head, "What's wrong with me that he won't have sex with me?!"

But when I woke up the next morning, with my skirt ridden up past my thighs and my mascara so crusted that my eyes wouldn't open, I understood why my ex turned me down. I even respected his rejection. He was just trying to be a nice human, and I feel that.

I was simply too damn drunk, and no amount of sex drive would make him change his mind.

So if you can believe it, here are 10 men on Reddit who have shared the only times they would ever turn down sex:

Because he just isn't in the mood:

Sometimes I'm not in the mood for sex. It happens. Or I might just not be attracted to her. I'm not a desperate man. I'll take the sex I want, not just any sex that's offered. -DreadfulRauw

Because the girl is too drunk:

If she was really drunk, I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. If she feels the same way about you when sober, then great. -PM_UR_FAT_THIGHS

Because the girl has bad hygiene:

Hygiene is absolutely a killer. I need a shower just reading this. -UnhingedSalmon

Because he isn't into casual sex:

Hygiene and potential awkwardness aside, causal fucking isn't for everyone. I may be extremely horny at times, but I know I'm not going to enjoy it when the act actually happens. From experience, I can't do casual things or one-night stands. I need the intimacy and connection of a relationship else I don't enjoy myself. -NameIsJacky

Because sex with friends can get messy:

Sex with friends can be dangerous. Especially if you are close. I make an effort not to have sex with my friends when we are drunk, unless I know there's a spark. -Pappa_Justify

Because he doesn't feel the need to give into every urge:

Yes, because I feel the urge doesn't mean I will act on it. I've learned not to follow through on every urge I feel. -15458434

Because either the girl is "unstable" or he is:

Given the scenario, her being unstable, me being not in the right headspace, or not being attracted to her.

If I'm dirty or something, then I'll see about a rain check post-shower.


Because he "just jerked off":

Suspicion of disease, general hygiene, large number of partners, just jerked off. -Sir_Doughnut

Because he's just can't even:

When I'm tired. -Valac_

Because she already has some baby daddies:

I think I had a chance to sleep with this one girl. But she had two kids from two different fathers and I wasn't about to become Dad #3. -ItsaMe_Rapio

Tell us: When are the only times you would ever turn down sex?

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