Jimmy Kimmel Asked Random Couples How Often They Have Sex And They're All Liars


How many times is the right amount of times to have sex with your partner a month?

Anybody? Anybody?! DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!

It's one of the most stressful and common questions long-term couples face today, whether they admit it each other or not.

To solve the mystery, Jimmy Kimmel took to Hollywood Boulevard to ask couples how often they are getting busy each month.

Their answers are hilarious and painfully relatable.

Here are the rules of the game: Jimmy and his cousin, Sal, who mediates the game, ask the couples how often they have sex a month, and each partner writes their answer down in secret.

Then — PLOT TWIST — they reveal their answers.

The first couple (who has been dating for three years) was almost dead-on, answering with numbers 10 and 12.


The other couples, unfortunately, weren't as accurate as the first one.

For me, the number of times I have sex per month is in direct correlation to the number of bottles of wine I drink per month.

One couple answered with a two and a 10.


Jimmy says, "We've done this before, and oftentimes, they have different answers. The man and the woman tend to have different ways of doing math."

In this case, it seems the woman was the one who exaggerated about her relationship's sex life. It's OK. We've all been there.


This couple responded with a 10 and a 2.634...


Uh... what?

Jimmy loves to put random passers by on blast like this. And putting love birds on the spot by asking them such direct questions about something so intimate makes for super entertaining (and slightly awkward) television.

Especially considering the couples they chose are obviously in rock-solid relationships. Funny how that works.

Kimmel and Sal apparently came up with the segment after talking to one of their old friends who claimed he and his wife "do what they call 'it' four times a week, even though they've been married 16 years. They have, like, 37 kids and I was shocked by this."

The good-sport participants were gifted with goofball sex gifts like whips, fresh oysters, duct tape and a gift card to Hooters.

The mystery of the perfect number remains unsolved, but I'm guessing that weird "2.634" response means the couple uses just the tip about .634 of the times they have sex.