9 People Who Blurted Out 'I Love You' During Sex And Survived To Talk About It

by Candice Jalili
Carousel Productions (II)

Whether it's coming from your boyfriend of seven years or your one-night stand, hearing "I love you" during sex is always kind of a wild card.

It's not necessarily because you don't love the other person. It's more because you don't know if it counts as a real, bonafide "I love you."

Not to mention the serious self-reflection that ensues when you're the one who says it. Like, wait, DO I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM?

Wondering what the mid-pork profession of love from the guy you've been sleeping with really meant? Well, read these people's experiences with saying those three little words during sex and see what you think:

This woman thinks saying it for the first time during sex messed up their relationship:

My ex said it to me for the first time during sex, about 6 months into our relationship. He kind of half mumbled it as he was kissing me, and I said it back at the moment. But the moment didn't stop, we didn't lock eyes, and we went on to continue having amazing sex. So for three weeks we didn't say it in an unerotic setting because I think we didn't know if we messed up by saying it first during sex. We were a college relationship high on hormones.


This guy just brushed it off when his girl said it to him:

happened to me on our 2nd date. I just smiled and kept going. afterwards she said she didn't mean it and I just said "I figured it was a 'heat of the moment' type of thing" and that was that.


This guy says it to his SO all the time.

It happens with my SO of 4 years. We both say it. Why? Because it's true. Why should we disregard it?

— jacobtf

This guy knows it didn't mean she actually loved him.

I've had a woman say it to me during sex just from the enjoyment of it all. Granted there was alcohol involved, but neither one of us were drunk or close to it, she was just happy about the situation over all (that sounded rather It was maybe the third or forth time together and a good amount of the awkwardness was gone and that whole "What happens if I do this?" fun started. Apparently I pushed all the right buttons.

— JustPlainGross

This guy always says stuff he doesn't mean during sex.

When I'm orgasming, I say things I don't mean. I'm not in love with the person I'm having sex with, but I am in love with how she is making me feel.

— redandblack555

This woman's FWB took it way too seriously.

Woman here. It has slipped out after sex. I meant it in a "I love you for what you can do to me" & "I love the arrangement we got going on". My fwb took it the wrong way and tried to escalate our relationship. I felt so bad.

— Ukelele-in-the-rain

This guy thinks not saying it back could've hurt his SO:

Said it to her on the first time, she said it to me on the first time. Disregarding it would have hurt either of us badly, would not have been a "good call", in fact woulda [sic] been an ultra-shitty call. We both meant it. Neither of us says it unless we mean it. Still the favorite thing to say and hear during sex, for either of us.

— middaysun

This guy wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it:

I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. I can't speak for anyone else though.

—  VincentGrayson

This guy blurted it out when he got his V-card swiped:

I accidentally said it the first time i had sex. I just apologized. Fuck my feelings brah

— CreampieLegend