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9 People Who Blurted Out 'I Love You' During Sex And Survived To Talk About It


Whether it's coming from your boyfriend of seven years or your one-night stand, hearing "I love you" during sex is always kind of a wild card.

It's not necessarily because you don't love the other person. It's more because you don't know if it counts as a real, bonafide "I love you."

Not to mention the serious self-reflection that ensues when you're the one who says it. Like, wait, DO I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM?

Wondering what the mid-pork profession of love from the guy you've been sleeping with really meant? Well, read these people's experiences with saying those three little words during sex and see what you think:

This woman thinks saying it for the first time during sex messed up their relationship:


This guy just brushed it off when his girl said it to him:


This guy says it to his SO all the time.

— jacobtf

This guy knows it didn't mean she actually loved him.

— JustPlainGross

This guy always says stuff he doesn't mean during sex.

— redandblack555

This woman's FWB took it way too seriously.

— Ukelele-in-the-rain

This guy thinks not saying it back could've hurt his SO:

— middaysun

This guy wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it:

—  VincentGrayson

This guy blurted it out when he got his V-card swiped:

— CreampieLegend