Why The Hardest (And Most Important) Lessons Are Learned In Heartbreak


Heartbreak is a universal language. It does not discriminate against race, color or creed. Heartbreak will not place value on one’s socioeconomic status and it will never tip its hat at sexual preference nor shy away from age.

Heartbreak will touch every single person on this planet at least once in his or her life. The pain is one thing everyone, from all walks of life, can relate to.

Through the black and grey, amidst the haze of the hollowing feeling, the sadness and the suffering, a light will shine through.

Nothing makes the empty feeling disappear and no one in the world will be able to instantly take away your tears or mend the wounds that have been inflicted upon you. Time, among other things, will help.

However, what is hardly ever said about heartbreak is that the lessons we learn and take away in the times of emotional tragedy are important.

Heartbreak is the one thing in this world we could all live without — or is it? Heartbreak may actually be the single greatest measurement for all real love on this planet. Without love for another, there would never be this pain.

Those sleepless nights spent tossing and turning, rolling around thinking of all the times with the person for whom you cared so deeply.

Your cheeks would never sting and you would have saved so many shed tears. Your body would never have to endure dramatic binges on food or grow fickle due to a lack appetite.

And, without heartbreak, there would never be such amazing love. This may sound like the ultimate contradiction, but yes, it can be a good thing.

In finding the silver lining to things, losing someone you love proves to be an incredible learning and growing experience. You may be reading this thinking “F you, you bastard.

My heart’s in shambles right now and you want me to think this is going to turn into a good thing?”

As confusing and almost insane as it may sound, having this happen may change you in so many different ways. Having a hard goodbye, or maybe never even getting to say goodbye to someone you love, will make your life richer.

Moving on with your life will only enhance the times you have with other loved ones. It will only deepen every minute you spend with the people about whom you truly care.

Having this hardening experience will change the way you perceive and interact with other people for the better, which may make those stupid, good-for-nothing arguments matter so much less.

You will be able to start forgiving with more ease and forgetting about the things that don’t really matter so much quicker.

Enduring this hardship will only make you a stronger person. It will keep you guarded in all of the right ways. You will be able to start discerning whom you should let in and who can’t stay.

This will open your whole life up to more and more great experiences because you will be able to share it with people for whom you genuinely care.

It’s not a perfect system — far from, in fact.

Sometimes, people go against our wills and, sometimes, we’re absolutely powerless to the loss. But, there will be another tomorrow, another day felt with warmth and love.

Heartbreak comes in many forms — you can break up with a significant other, be cheated on, endure a family member’s death or receive horrible news about someone you love.

Just remember that your bumps and bruises will heal — the cuts will scar, your lacerations will be sewn and your soul will be sutured. Time will help you heal, but the heartbreak itself will help you grow.

In what is, undeniably, the hardest, most painful life lesson one could ever learn, heartbreak will help mold the rest of your life. It will help teach you to love greater, in all of the right ways.

Heartbreak is the most imperfect, perfect tool we will have at growing our lives.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It