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The Terminator Had A Threesome: 9 Of The Weirdest Halloween Hookup Stories


A weird hookup story is already great as is, but a weird hookup story on Halloween is THAT MUCH BETTER.

Why? Um, hello, people dressed as total idiots while getting wasted and hooking up with each other?! SIGN ME UP.

I mean, how could you not come out of such an insane holiday without something to write home about? The costumes combined with the alcohol makes for the perfect setting for some pretty epic stories.

Just to get you in the Halloween hookup spirit, I've collected nine juicy, steamy, sexy and just plain weird Halloween hookup stories from the ever so generous people of Reddit — as well as friends and Facebook followers — for you to peruse.

This girl just really wanted her ass slapped.

— Arielle, 22

Hansel and Gretel got a little incestual.

— Kelley, 25

This guy got frisky with his girlfriend in the bathroom.

— undeniablybuddha

Minnie Mouse got her V-card swiped.

— Shelbey*, 22

The Terminator pulled big time.

— mourning_starre

So did Waldo...

— Art*, 26

 One crazy girl in a kitty costume turned two friends into eskimo brothers.

— Hanna*, 32

The queen was disrespected by her lover.

— Jennifer*, 23

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle found everlasting love.

— Ansley*, 20

And on that positive note, let's go forth and try to find LOVE this October 31st! Happy Halloween, mofos. Stay spooky.

*Name has been changed.