8 Wild Hookup Stories That Went Down At Music Festivals

by Candice Jalili

I'm not a big ~music festival~ person. In fact, if you asked me what my three biggest fears are, I would tell you rats, raves and death. In that order.

I don't really get why DJs are cool. I don't really like drugs. I don't really like sweaty people jumping around my personal space. And I definitely don't like sleeping in tents.

That all being said, I do love myself a good, old fashioned, WILD hookup story. And lots of those tend to happen at music festivals.

So, I asked around and got eight JUICY festival hookup stories I just have to share with you right here.

They didn't even exchange names.

As soon as my friends and I picked our spot in front of the stage, I bumped into this really cute guy sitting next to us. Pretty sure we didn't even exchange names, we just started vigorously making out. Don't think I even looked toward the stage once the entire night, and our friends were making fun of us the entire time. I didn't care, it was awesome!

— Veronica, 28

He got over it pretty quickly.

I went to a paint rave in college where I ended up hooking up with some random freshmen years younger than I was. While on the dance floor, I got splattered with paint and ended up getting a good amount in my eye. The guy, realizing I was no longer able to kiss with paint in my eyes, moved on to someone else.

— Erica*, 22

He looked like her favorite DJ.

This last year at Outside Lands, I drank way too much on one of the days. I "blacked in" while making out with a guy with hair as long as mine. I decided to continue dancing with this guy because I thought he resembled of one of my favorite DJs. Priorities.

— Kelly*, 22

She tried to grind with a CamelBak on.

Not really wild, but this guy tried to grind with me while I was wearing a CamelBak. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

— Natalie, 23

They made eye contact, and it was on.

I was at a Polka festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I saw a beautiful girl at the sausage table, we made eye contact, started chatting. The next thing I know, we're slobbin' on each other and finger blasting each other behind a pile of accordion cases. Real good.

— Gordon, 26

They hooked up in a Porta Potty.

Had sex in the Porta Potty. Got that ass, onto the next.

— Albus*, 17

They dated for one weekend.

I hit it off with this guy camping next to me the first night of Sasquatch. We hooked up, and then he literally became my music festival boyfriend for three days. I spent every night in his tent, and he would cook me breakfast on his camp stove (~swoon~) in the mornings. It was true love. When the festival ended, we texted every day for about a week and vowed to make arrangements to see each other again because we live in different cities. Then the drug comedown wore off, and I realized I didn't really care anymore, so we stopped talking.

— Kelsey*, 22

He put her on his shoulders.

He put me on his shoulders and we all had a great time dancing along to Tiesto the first night of Ultra 2013. We made out a lot during his set. We exchanged numbers and met up a few days later for Swedish House Mafia, but nothing tops the Friday night.

— Alyssa, 23

They got released from the medical tent at the same time.

My boyfriend and I got too fucked up at Coachella and ended up in two separate med tents. We were freed from our respective med tents at the same time, and both individually decided to head to the sahara tent (aka the rave tent). We ran into each other, and I mean, we obviously had to hook up. This was meant to be. FATE.

— Alex*, 22

* Name has been changed.