8 Wild Hookup Stories That Went Down At Music Festivals


I'm not a big ~music festival~ person. In fact, if you asked me what my three biggest fears are, I would tell you rats, raves and death. In that order.

I don't really get why DJs are cool. I don't really like drugs. I don't really like sweaty people jumping around my personal space. And I definitely don't like sleeping in tents.

That all being said, I do love myself a good, old fashioned, WILD hookup story. And lots of those tend to happen at music festivals.

So, I asked around and got eight JUICY festival hookup stories I just have to share with you right here.

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They didn't even exchange names.

— Veronica, 28

He got over it pretty quickly.

— Erica*, 22

He looked like her favorite DJ.

— Kelly*, 22

She tried to grind with a CamelBak on.

— Natalie, 23

They made eye contact, and it was on.

— Gordon, 26

They hooked up in a Porta Potty.

— Albus*, 17

They dated for one weekend.

— Kelsey*, 22

He put her on his shoulders.

— Alyssa, 23

They got released from the medical tent at the same time.

— Alex*, 22

* Name has been changed.