Guys Admit The Only Reason They Would Say No To Sex With A Woman

by Jamie LeeLo
Nataša Mandić

We all have heard the trope that no men would ever turn down sex with a woman.

I learned this when I was, like, in eighth grade.

You can imagine the anxiety it induced in my young, formative years to think, "Oh my god. If they would sleep with anyone but not ME, there must be something REALLY wrong with me."

Then, ya know, I grew up and got over that.

Reddit is shattering this myth, revealing that while men will ALMOST sleep with anyone, there are a few stipulations.

Here, guys reveal the one reason they won't follow their penis just anywhere:

They're actually romantics are heart.

Some people say the way to man's a heart is through his stomach. Some say it's through his penis. But these men say the way to a man's heart is... through his heart.

They say they won't have sex with women right away because they want to be in love/in a relationship first.

They're afraid of STDs and/or poor hygiene.

There is a general consensus that cleanliness across the board is the most important factor.

NO means NO!

And YES, men, YES! These men won't sleep with women because they respect the fact that the women don't want to have sex with them.

This should be the number one cardinal rule always. No means no means no means no means no (and so on).

Or there is something really, really obvious that's stopping them.

Like, obvious AF.

They have really, really specific requirements.


Or, because they're this guy.

Thanks, Typical_Dweller, for sparing us.

What a guy.