These Adorable PSAs Featuring Penises And Butts Perfectly Explain Consent

by Stacey Leasca

Consent is a word we've explored a lot here at Elite Daily.

From celebrities discussing it to sex without it, consent is a keyword everyone should understand.

And the discussion on consent doesn't have to be a long one. It's simple: yes or no.

To help build consent culture, the fine folks at Project Consent have created a few easy-to-follow videos showcasing exactly how consent works.

Oh, and they use adorable boobs and penises to illustrate the point.




Project Consent really drives home its mission with these short videos. As the site says,

By promoting consent, we are reminding society that violations of someone's agency should never be taken lightly. Rather than continuing to teach that the blame is on victims, we want it known that consent is always an established right, not a removable luxury. Creating a consent-based culture is the groundwork to battling sexual assault as a whole and while we don't expect it to eradicate sexual assault altogether, we believe that it's a message worth putting out there.

It's simple: If it's not yes, it's no.