Relationships — Why Gay Guys Know Best When It Comes To Picking Up Men
by Kelley Lord

Straight men and women have a lot to learn from gay guys in the dating scene.

When it comes to picking up men, gay guys are just better at it because they know what they like, and they know how to get it.

Our generation is used to overanalyzing every aspect of dating and a relationship, but gay guys enjoy it for what it is: fun.

So after talking to our funniest gay guys, we found out why they are so good at getting guys and what we can do to get on their level:

Straight people just aren't straight to the point.

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There are so many rules when it comes to straight dating. Hell, I've basically made a career out of making fun of blogs and magazines that spell out those rules.

Straight women tend to obsess over something like how long to wait before texting a guy back, and straight men worry about menial things, like trying to be nice while not being the nice guy.

You'll notice there's a lot less advice on gay dating out there, though. And that's partially because gay men already have their dating scene on lock.

Even comparing profiles on dating apps, you'll see straight people will usually have witty jargon and a carefully selected group of pictures representing each of their best personality traits.

But with gay guys, they aren't trying to dance around the reason they're swiping. Their pictures are usually of their face, their chest and, if you're lucky, a nice booty pic.

Again, these guys know what they want, and they're really good at getting it.

Who knows a dude better than a dude?

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Women and men are inherently very different, so when you find someone of the opposite sex with similar interests, it's a special find.

Gay guys, however, already have a bunch in common to start. For example, being gay and coming out is already a tough yet empowering experience for some, and it's a strong obstacle that bonds these guys from the start.

And in the bedroom, there are even more similarities.

Straight couples desperately try to guess how the other might like to be kissed, sucked or fucked. But honestly, for gay guys, who better to give a great blow job than someone with a dick?

Just saying, ladies, we could probably learn a thing or two from the gay guys on this one.

Gay guys just wanna have fun.

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Seriously, where is this remake, Cyndi Lauper?

There is a reason people flock to gay guys at parties. You can usually count on gay guys to play the best music, have the best moves and make you laugh until you pee.

And obviously, that energy makes gay guys super inviting to everyone in the room... including other gay men.

If you learn anything from this, let it be that dating should be fun, and having fun is the most attractive thing you can do.

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