Why Being A Manly Man Is Overrated

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Ah, the male specimen — what a burly yet delicate creature. Men feel so much pressure to live up to the stereotype that you have to be "manly" to qualify as a guy's guy. Lifting weights? A must. Plaid shirts? Definitely. Facial hair? Uh, duh.

But crying? Not allowed. NEVER allowed. "Never let them see you cry, son." — Every dad ever. "Never show emotions!!"

But this is the 21st century baby, and, honestly, being a "manly man" is overrated. We've evolved, people. You don't see me wearing a waist trainer and heels to work every day, do you? I'm happy as a clam in my harem pants and a t-shirt, thank you very much.

Join me on the dark side, gentlemen!

A real man is secure enough to drink what he wants, do what he wants and be who he IS. You don't have to throw back tumblers full of whiskey just to be considered a "man." No one cares what you drink as long as it's making you happy. In fact, you're much more impressive if drink a fruity drink and clearly don't care what anyone thinks about you. That's the real stuff right there, guys. Straight up.

So let's be real and admit that it's time to change our perception of men. Does anyone actually care if you can deadlift 250 pounds? Because from where I'm standing, what we as women value is much deeper than that. We want our man's strength to come from the inside. We want a guy to make us laugh, not bench press us. We want a dude who can be our partner, not our patron.

We want a man who grooms his neckbeard, and can raise our children!

Watch as our comedians explain why they've had enough of society's pressures — because being a manly man really is overrated.

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