Dating — Lesbians Explain Why They're Better Than Men At Picking Up Women

Who knows women better than lesbians?

When it comes to picking up women, lesbians know what women like. Every woman has had her fair share of being approached by cheesy Chads or sleazy Sals who think their pick-up lines will magically work the third time around. 

There comes a point when some ladies decide they'd prefer charming Chelseas or seductive Serenas. And hey, they say, "Do what you know," right?

We've heard men use “Women are complicated” as a reason for being too intimidated to approach them. Men want to come off confident and charismatic without giving off creepy "Nightcrawler" vibes.

Well, men can now thank the lovely lesbians from season six of "Generation whY" for schooling them on how to woo women!

Stay tuned for more episodes of "Generation whY," and shout out to Ainsworth Bar, Fornino Pizza and Lot45 Bushwick for hosting these lovely lesbians' crash course in picking up women.

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