People Admit What Happened When They Fell In Love With Their One-Night Stands

Have you ever fallen in love with a one-night stand? No? Well, I have. The one-night stand turned into a year-long hookup situation. One of us fell in love, and the other didn't.

Unfortunately for me, I was the one getting the short end of the stick because I wanted something serious with him, but he didn't want anything more than sex with me. I'm still unsure of whether I actually loved him or the sex with him, but that's what one-night stands do: They meddle with your mind.

Many times, one-night stands end the same way, with both people vowing never to see each other again because of the usually drunken state they were both in when they met each other. But other times, they turn into something more, with one or both people catching feelings.

My friends, one-night stands are sticky little situations. My advice would be to go into a one-night stand prepared to know it's just that: a one-night stand.

Here are nine people on how they fell in love with their one-night stands:

This girl, who's living proof time doesn't heal all:

This guy, who was with the wrong person all along:

These girls, who are basically living what I went through:

This girl, who took the stalking route because it's easier than IRL contact:

This girl, who found herself a catch:

This person, who's probably better off not having one-night stands:

And this person, who surprised themselves:

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