Incorporating This Scented Oil Into Your Love Life Will Give You Better Sex

by Alexa Mellardo

If your love life has been less than par lately, I come bearing good news for the hopeless.

One simple tweak to your daily routine can actually change your sex life for the better.

Things are looking up, people.


We recently learned just two glasses of red wine will bring the kink back to the bedroom.

But also, don't underestimate the power of SCENT. Lavender essential oil can work wonders, from contributing incredible benefits on your health, to boosting the heat between the sheets.

Here's how:

Lavender is an aphrodisiac… and it's something you may already have in your bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

Matteo Colombo

Lavender is notoriously associated with love and lust.

Egyptians were in on the scent secret way back when. They took baths in essential oils before having a sexy rendezvous with a secret lover. SO damn scandalous.

Perfume bottles were uncovered in the ruins of Pompeii, in rooms specifically made for people to have sex in.

And Sumarians — they were all about charming their main ladies with perfumes, too.

Ancient women incorporated lavender in their bedrooms to magnify sexual desire. Folklore states Alpine women would sneak lavender beneath their sweetheart's pillow so his mind would be focused on love.

Cleopatra herself used lavender on her body to allure Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar.

But does science back up the notion that certain scents REALLY lead to better sex?

Jovo Jovanovic

A study through the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation put this all to the test.

The scientists tested how 30 different aromas impacted 31 male participants' sexual arousal, by testing the blood flow through their penises.

What they discovered was a combined scent of pumpkin pie and lavender had the optimal impact on sexual arousal. It boosted blood flow in the penis by a whopping average of 40 percent.

So YES — lavender is sexually desirable, and a perfect option for taking your sex life to the next level. Spritz some lavender on your body, or bathe in the oil before having sex.

And while you're at it, you might as well prepare yourself a pitcher of lavender lemonade, because why not?

Besides looking pretty and super Instagram-worthy, lavender is really calming. It's known to lower stress, help fight insomnia and sooth headaches.

Basically, lavender is beneficial for your health all around... and key to making your sex life thrive.