3 Ways Sex Changes With Your Partner Once You Realize You're In Love

by Cosmo Luce
VadimGuzhva / Fotolia

Everything about a relationship is difference once you realize you are both in love. Picking out a movie, making plans for dinner, and figuring out your weekend plans all take on that special, shimmery hue that you only get when you are so tightly bound to someone else. But does sex change when you're in love, too? Yes, absolutely.

All kinds of intimate experiences are of value, and you do not have to be in love in order to have great sex. When you're in love, though, it's not so much about the feeling of the act itself as much as it is your happiness from giving your partner pleasure. Sex becomes both more routine and more intimate as you spend more time together and really learn what makes one another tic. It isn't the only way in which you express your intimacy, as the million other things you do for each other throughout the day also contribute to the bond of your relationship. Sex changes when you are in love because it is like the icing on top of the cake of your relationship. You're not together just because of the sex — but sex also makes things way more interesting.

1. Sex Becomes Something You Plan

Particularly when you are in the full swing of being in love with one another, sex becomes something you schedule. You and your partner talk about when the best time to have sex will be. If you turn on this movie first, will both of you be too tired? If you have sex after going to the restaurant, will you be too full?

When you are in love with someone, both of your will probably be talking about the details of your days a lot. Those details will include figuring out when you can be intimate with one another. But scheduled sex doesn't have to be routine, either. When you have more time to devote to planning out a special night, it means you can treat your partner to the works. That's why planned sex is one of the best things about sex when you're in love.

2. You Feel More Connected After Sex

When you are not in a relationship, sex can distance you from someone you are casually seeing. You and your partner will share an intimate experience, and then, one or both of you might pull away. This could leave you feeling sad, particularly when you come down from that hormone rush. After they leave or you return home, you might feel lonely or empty.

When you're in love, sex brings you closer together in an intellectual, emotional, and physical sense. You lose track of where your partner's body ends and yours begins. There's no pulling away when it's over. The two of you will continue to cuddle and will fall asleep in one big heap, wake up together the next day, and repeat. You both have as much interest in what's going on in your heads as you do in each others' bodies, and you don't feel that unfulfilled sadness that sometimes happens when you are single and having sex.

3. You Say And Show That You Love Each Other

When you are not in love with the person you are having sex with (and you don't want to be) you probably avoid staring into their eyes when you're having sex. And you definitely avoid blurting out things like, “I love you” when you're in the throes of the act. Nothing makes a casual hookup skedaddle faster than overly emotional sex.

When you're in love, though, you can say it in the middle of sex and it isn't weird. You're having sex because you both desire and love one another, and you have already acknowledged the messy feelings for one another. Staring into one another's eyes isn't weird, because you have connected on an emotional and intellectual level as well as a physical one. In fact, once you're in love, there's probably nothing you could do during sex that would be interpreted by your partner as weird, awkward, or too much. The worst case scenario is that you will both end up laughing.

And while having sex when you are in love won't necessarily make you regret the casual sex you had with other people when you were single, you definitely won't miss it once you meet someone special. Being in love takes intimacy to the next level. When you are so connected to that person, you won't be looking back.

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