Trinette Reed

Dirty Talk That Will Turn You On, Even If It’s Cringeworthy


Sexuality is so freaking complicated. There are so many inexplicable reasons why things turn us on, even if those things are gross, painful, or downright bizarre.

The best part about sexuality is how virtually no act is off limits if the person you're with consents to it. You want to use handcuffs? Do it. You want to have your hair pulled, to be bitten, to be choked? Great. You want to act out a rape fantasy? Awesome. Find someone you trust to (safely) execute that with you.

One aspect of sex where the boundaries can really be pushed is dirty talk. Some people don't like dirty talk, but for others, it is an essential aspect of what makes things hot in the bedroom.

Dirty talk can be innocent (think: "You're so hot," "That feels good," etc.), but it can also be pretty out there — and even the most, er, cringeworthy of dirty talk can be a huge turn on.

I asked some women if they've ever heard a really cringeworthy piece of dirty talk that ended up turning them on. As expected, I got some great responses.

"Call my dick John Cena."

— Jess,* 23

"I'm Dirty Dan!"

— Marianne,* 24

"Hop on top, baby girl."

— Allie, 23

"Sit on daddy's lap."

— Brooke,* 23

"I'm your whore."

— Sarah, 25

"Which hole do you want it in? Pick now, or I'll choose..."

— Julia,* 24

"I wanna ride you like a horse."

"I may be liberal, but I don't believe in giving your pussy a safe space."

— Alexa Rae,* 23

*Name has been changed.