Bathtubs We Would Love To Have Sex In

by Robert Anthony

It used to be that taking a bath was a weekly duty that involved rolling a metal wash-bin or wooden barrel inside the house, which was then laboriously filled with kettle-heated water. Today, the idea of bathing takes on a whole different attitude.

Bathtubs are so much easier to find, fill, and luxuriate in — especially since in some real estate circles, tubs are nothing short of a status symbol.

Whether you take a dip regularly or enjoy a long soak just once in a while, there’s no denying that being submerged in warm water is an indulgence many of us enjoy. To that end, we rounded up a collection of lavish bathtubs that may have you grabbing for the bubble bath and good book. Perhaps even some bubbly.

These are the coolest bathtubs that you have to have sex in:

7.  Glass-Walled Dip Location: Santa Barbara, CA

For those who don’t mind being part of the scenery, the bathroom in this Montecito home for sale may be appealing. Like the rest of this modern home, the bathroom walls are all glass with views of the surrounding lawn. The listing agent of the Glass Pavilion claims the property is private, but the bathtub’s location may test the comfort level of any shy bather.

6. Heat it Up Location: Bellingham, WA

A gas fireplace heats up this tub in the bedroom. Forget about feeling chilly drafts when you’re in for the long soak. This Bellingham, WA home for sale has smartly situated a gas fireplace right next to the bathtub. What makes the setting even more inviting is that the soak area is part of the master bedroom, where the tub and gas fireplace combination makes for the ultimate winter retreat.

5. Illuminated WET Tub

Jan Puylaert's Illuminated WET Tub features prominently in the interior of today's Architect Visit: Lode Architecture in Normandy post. The free-standing polyethylene tub is available in white, fluorescent orange, lemon yellow, pink, green, or multichromatic (add $1,000) and is available with internal multicolored LED light unit or with a regular light fitting; $1,499 at Generate Design.

4. Paola Parea Bathtub 

Sleek and modern, this bathtub was designed by Paola Parea, and looks like something you'd find on the Starship Enterprise. The simple, streamlined exterior suggests something ahead of its time – and the monotone or duotone white and black color scheme appears futuristic and chic. The built-in computer will combine the mineral salts and natural essences specified by your program. A hydrothermal spa with six preset spa possibilities, from relaxing to energizing, can be selected according to your needs and preferences.

3. Après-Ski Spa Location: Aspen, CO

Unwind after a few downhill runs in a retreat home only six miles from the slopes. The European-style home features a deep, free-standing tub facing the Rocky Mountains and the city below. Sitting on 4.13 acres, the Aspen estate also has a dramatic infinity-edged pool and outdoor living spaces for when the snow melts.

2. Le Corbusier's Bathtub

Whether at home or residing at a beautiful resort, bathing is the ultimate relaxation. At the forefront of the Omvivo range of baths is the signature Le Cob. The design which pays homage to Le Corbusier's Chaise lounge creates a unique bathing experience.

1. 360-Degree Outdoor Bathtub & Shower Design

Why KOS called this the Geo 180 rather than 360 is tough to say – seeing as it provides an incredible in-the-round outdoor bathing experience. What sets this apart from the standard soaking or hot tub? The shower above adds an exotic touch to be sure.