3 Signs Of Female Blue Balls, Because Yes, Women Can Get Them, Too

Let's talk a little bit about lady blue balls. No, that's not the name of a fancy lass in some Jane Austen novel who's just looking for love in a society that constrains her. Nope, what I'm talking about is that that oh-so-unhappy feeling you experience when you are really turned on but aren't able to come.

You thought that was just you? Nope, that's "Blue Balls: Female Edition," and it's totally common and underreported.

When you think about blue balls, no doubt you're remembering the oft-bemoaned fate of a dude unable to get off. It's usually recounted in a whiney tone by whomever's balls are in a tizzy. It's typically accompanied with a passionate case for why you should help solve the problem, since it's your fault for being so hot in the first place. While it's up to you to decide if you want to offer a helping hand, there isn't really any doubt that their blue balls are a real thing. So why is it that blue balls in women seems so shocking? It's not, if you take anatomy into consideration.

According to Medical Daily, when you are aroused, blood rushes to the genitals and the blood vessels contract to keep the blood there. For men, this creates an erection, and in women, it causes the nerve endings in the clitoris and vulva to become engorged and sensitive. During orgasm, contractions release the trapped blood; however, if that doesn't happen, the blood stays trapped, and as you can imagine it can get pretty uncomfortable.

There are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to get there. Maybe you're distracted, your partner touches you wrong at just the wrong moment, or it just ain't gonna happen for unknown and deeply annoying reasons. But the result is blue balls.

Still unsure if you've experienced blue balls? Here's what to look out for.

1. An Achy Clit


No surprise that your clitoris with all its nerve endings would face the brunt of lady blue balls. It can become hyper sensitive, and some people have described it as an ache in their clit. Sounds super fun, huh?

2. A Sore Uterus


According to Medical Daily, the uterine walls also become engorged when you're aroused, so some women have described their blue balls as a deep internal ache or menstrual cramps.

3. An Uncomfortable Feeling of Fullness


When you're turned on, the vaginal walls also become engorged and swollen. When, for whatever reason, you don't climax, it can result in an unpleasant feeling of fullness and pressure.

OK, so now you know the signs, but what can do you do if you get lady blue balls? You've got a couple of options to get rid of them. Option 1: Get off! Whether it's with a partner or on your own, a quick O should take care of the problem. Option 2: Wait them out. Typically, says Women's Health, they don't last for more than 15 to 20 minutes, while the blood naturally leaves the genitals. However, if it takes longer or the discomfort is more intense, you can help things along with cold water or a cool pack.

If you're wondering why this is the first time you're hearing about lady blue balls, the answer to that is pretty straightforward: sexism. Men's orgasms have always been given priority over women's, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the symptoms of sexual dissatisfaction are not taken as seriously. That's super lame. What do you say we change that? Prioritize your orgasm today!

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