4 Awesome Benefits To Having Morning Sex Before You Go To Work

by Annie Foskett

To be clear, I am pro-morning sex. Morning sex makes me think of lazy Sundays, extra spooning, and the promise of post-coital bacon.

That said, I am not pro-mornings in general.

I like to think of myself as a pleasant, polite person. I say "please" and "thank you" and wash my hands after using the bathroom. On weekend mornings, I maintain this amicable decorum, handwashing and all.

But on weekday mornings? I am a grouchy monster. I grumble, I swear, and my hair resembles an upside down mop. (I do still wash my hands, don't worry.)

As much as I am pro-sex, getting up early on a weekday to have sex before a workday feels a little bit like a nightmare. You feel me?

Elite Daily consulted some experts about the benefits of morning sex, and it turns out that having sex before work is quite the opposite of a nightmare. Here are four excellent benefits to getting up to do it before work:

1. You Might Have Better Sex In The Morning

Despite being a grump early in the morning, I do love that morning sex can be super uninhibited. I usually feel really free in the a.m. Am I even all the way awake? What's even happening? Is this a dream? Nope, and I feel great.

Sex therapist Stefani Threadgill explains, "Many women report that they climax more easily and more often in the morning because they are still waking up, which lowers inhibitions and increases relaxation. Relaxation is essential for orgasm."

I love this. True, at night after a few drinks I can feel uninhibited as well, but it's a different kind of relaxation than when I've done nothing but lie down for the past seven to eight hours.

Loveologist Wendy Strgar, author of Sex That Workssays, "Sex without any alcohol or drugs preceding is a very different experience — and one that changes not only the sexual dynamic, but the relationship itself."

All right. So if morning sex is really better, I guess I can set my alarm a little bit earlier a couple days during the week. Maybe it will even turn my sourpuss frowns upside down.

2. It Makes You Happier And Healthier

If you wake up on Mondays in a massive panic with a hefty side of fogginess like I do, you know how unpleasant the feeling is. When I'm unpleasant in the morning, I'm equally unpleasant at work. Coffee helps a little, but what if morning sex could help you get happy in a healthy way?

Strgar explains, "Studies have shown that individuals who engage in morning sex are healthier and happier people. The afterglow that we associate with great sex comes from the boosted levels of estrogen, which in turn, make your skin and hair stronger and healthier."

Happy vibes and nice hair? I'm so ready to set my alarm an hour early.

Beyond being healthy for you and your body, morning sex is healthy for your relationship as well. Clinical sexologist Dr. Dawn Michael explains that "just like a good work out, [sex] releases wonderful endorphins ... When at work, it leaves lingering thoughts of the other person the rest of the day. Positive thoughts create deeper intimacy in the relationship."

Early sex is good for you and bae, even if he's not a morning person. (But let's be real, most guys are DTF in the morning... or always.)

Sex before work is like setting yourself up to be happy all day, sans trudging to 7 a.m. SoulCycle class. Just do it.

3. It Can Help You Concentrate

Hot tip: Morning sex might actually help you concentrate better at work. Can you imagine your boss complimenting you on your hard work and asking, "What's changed?" is what has changed.

Dr. Michael explains, "For women, an orgasm releases dopamine and this can be beneficial for concentration throughout the day as well as a boost of energy (that is why some women find it hard to sleep at night after orgasms)."

It's like getting something out of your system in the morning allows you to put your energy elsewhere. I would totally find a way to do it in the morning more often to stay focused longer during the work day. You start your day in a bed no matter what, so it's not like you have to go far.

4. It's Not As Exhausting As Doing It After A Long Day

For women and men alike, different sex drives at different times can cause friction in a relationship. Maybe your boo thang had a tough day at work, but you are ready to go after a happy hour. Another night, he needs some, but you are dead tired.

Weekday morning sex means less pressure to do it at night.

Threadgill explains, "One question that I always ask my patients is if they are a morning person or a night person. It can seem irrelevant, but this can have significant consequences to one's sex life and relationship because that 'time' is when they are most likely to initiate sex and serious discussions."

Even as a non-morning person, this makes sense to me. Trying new things — or just new times — is important in the bedroom. Plus, you want to make sure that you and your partner are flexible with each others' needs morning, noon, or night. (Afternoon delights, am I right?)

As surly as I initially was to the idea, I think getting up early to have sex sounds like a great way to feel better about tackling the workday. Experts all agree that morning romp sessions can improve your sex life.

Plus, it's important to try new things. We get so bogged down in our habits and schedules, so why not have a side of sex with your Cheerios once before work this week? I have a good feeling that one "O" in particular is going to be the highlight of the meal.