7 Places To Have Sex In Your Apartment Besides The Bedroom

by Sheena Sharma
Carousel Productions

Only having sex in bed can get old pretty fast, especially if you're in a long-term relationship.

Every now and then, you have to switch it up to keep things ~lit~. You feel me?

And while role-playing is great, as is dirty talk, sometimes, you should just switch locations entirely. I mean, come on, having sex on the kitchen counter shouldn't just be a thing that happens in movies.

Here are seven places you could have sex in your home, aside from your boring AF bedroom:

Against the bathroom sink

Ah, the bathroom. What a wondrous place for a love-making session.

And no, I'm not talking about doing it in the shower! The shower can be difficult for sex because it can dry things out. Instead, do it doggy style up against the bathroom sink.

In front of your full-length mirror

There's literally nothing hotter than watching you and your man get it on in the mirror.

It's almost like you guys are watching a steamy porno or sex tape.

Starring YOU.

Against the front door

If you and your guy are feeling a little ~risky~ and are into having sex (or simulating it) almost in public, then this is the spot for you.

Having sex against the front door pretty much guarantees at least one person will hear you guys getting it on when they walk by your apartment. It's so SEXY.

On the staircase

Guys, the staircase is not just for walking. (OK, it kind of is, but I say it's also good for fornicating.)

Have your guy sit on a step, straddle him and then get down to business.

Just make sure you guys don't get too into it and proceed to fall down said stairs. (But if you do, and you're still OK, you can continue your sex session on the floor!)

On your soft, shag rug

The shag rug is the softest item you've ever purchased, so don't just look at it! Use it to your advantage. It beats having sex on the cold, hard, wooden floor.

OH, wait, is that why it's called a "shag" rug? Everything suddenly makes sense...

On top of the bar

If you're fortunate enough to have space for a bar area in your home, you can get all kinky up on the counter. Throw some heels on for the full effect.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, maybe even have a shot of Jame-O in the middle of it all.

On a living room chair

Screw the couch. The chair is where it's at.

It's a great place to have some intimate, face-to-face sex. Need inspiration for which position is best? Take some cues from here.

You can pretty much bang anywhere your heart desires. Just get creative with it, people.

That's how you keep the spark alive.