6 Reasons Why Dancers Are The Absolute Best In Bed

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I used to be embarrassed to tell guys I was a dancer.

It wasn't because I wasn't proud of my skill set. For the last 5 years, I've loved the confidence boost I got from taking the stage and being in control of my body.

But, when browsing through dating profiles, I just always assumed the mention of being a "dancer" without any further explanation would depict me as a flimsy, glitter-drenched queen who pranced around.

As it turns out, I couldn't be more wrong.

I've come to learn that there's something about having a dance background that's immediately correlated with sex.

There's something about having a dance background that's immediately correlated with sex.

There's been numerous times when a match's go-to opening line will be something along the lines of "you must know how to work it" — meaning, I must be good at sex... and want to have sex with them.

Maybe it's our openness with our bodies, our ability to thrust without warning or a comparison to dance's prominence in pop culture, but the way dancers move is just simply arousing to an outsider.

There's just an automatic assumption that we must be good at doin' the dirty.

Well, I'm here to confirm that all those theories (or inappropriate fantasies) aren't far from the truth.

Here are several skills that support the case of dancers being absolute fireballs in bed:

1. We play well with others.

Dance routines (outside of a competition setting) are rarely solo outings. More often that not, interacting with other people on-stage is an integral part of a dancer's movement.

We know how to develop chemistry and can sell the shit out of a partnership to make it believable — even if it's only for show.

That same mentality can be applied when it comes to sex. We're committed to the cause, and we are willing to work with you in order to have a pleasurable payoff. We're all about teamwork!

2. We have no issues keeping a rhythm.

Whether in the studio or in the bedroom, odds are, our movements are divided up into 8 counts.

Our knack for memorizing choreography and the constant need to repeat moves has made our bodies accustomed to whatever flow is coming our way.

That means, when it comes to dipping it low and picking it up slow, we're in FULL control.

Do you lose all hand-eye coordination the second someone gets on top? No sweat. Lay back, and let us set the groove.

3. Our stamina is at its prime.

There are multiple instances when dancers will have to perform a 3-minute or more routine with no breaks.

With minimal opportunities to catch our breath, we have to build up our endurance so that our bodies can persevere through the effort.

Hope you've had a good night's rest, because if a dancer is horny, expect to go for hours.

Sure, we may not be able to bench hundreds of pounds, but we can definitely keep up for however long is necessary.

Hope you've had a good night's rest, because if we're horny, expect to go for hours.

4. We know how to give good face.

Aside from having serious control of our limbs, we also have to convey emotions when performing through facial expressions.

We break out a killer stank face when grinding on the floor to Ludacris, or something a bit more controlled and somber if James Bay is playing.

Essentially, we're experts at talking without moving our mouths, so you'll know if you're hitting the right spot during sex even if we don't say a word.

5. We're comfortable in our own skin.

Being a dancer involves squeezing your body into tight, sometimes uncomfortable costumes with no real choice.

One performance could feature several numbers — leading to quick changes and clothes torn off in back hallways, with no care of who may catch a glimpse of your nipple as it hangs out in the open.

Taking off our clothes (in record time, no less) has become a regular occurrence. You're not the first person to see us naked, and you definitely won't be the last.

6. Our hips don't lie.

Shakira said it best — and boy, was she on-point.

Everything that you've seen us do on stage, in the studio and in da club can translate back into the bedroom as well. We've become accustomed to using our talents in any situation necessary, and are eager to put on a show whenever possible.

Any excuse to shake it is a good excuse to me.

And that's why a dancer's sexual prowess is so on point, guys.