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A 'Magic Mike' Brunch Spot Opened Because Food Is Better Served By Naked Men

Take your normal brunch experience, complete with breakfast food and bottomless mimosas, and add "Magic-Mike"-like dancers, IRL.

No, Channing Tatum won't be dancing for you, but Washington-DC based restaurant Sax is hosting a new event called "Sir Sundays" that's pretty damn close.

In addition to serving food, the French-American spot also happens to be a burlesque lounge.

There are two levels of the brunch experience you can choose from: Dropping $50 will get you general seating and $65 buys VIP seating. Both include food, bottomless mimosas and a show you'll probably never forget.

The dishes they serve at brunch are "Hors D'oeuvres" style, which means they probably aren't very large but it's OK because you'll probably be too distracted by the pole performers, aerialists, go-go boys and "Table Service Studs" to do much eating.

Let's be real, people who go to Sir Sundays are there for the booze and boys, not so much the brunch food.

If you're having brunch on a Sir Sunday at Sax AND it's your birthday or some other special occasion, you might be lucky enough to get pulled on stage for a dance. Yup, just like in "Magic Mike."

This is a different kind of Insta-worthy brunch.

When the dancers aren't strutting their stuff on Sir Sundays, most of the guys are actors and models.

The one rule on Sir Sundays? You have to stay an arm's length from the dancers. Also, their costumes stay on the entire time. To be honest, I don't think anyone wants to see more skin while eating brunch fare anyway...

And do not feed the dancers! Just have some bills ready to go.

Now you have a very sexy reason to visit our country's capital. If my friends see this, I hope they take note. Hint: My half birthday is coming up!

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