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I can't stop laughing about Serena Pitt's TikTok about her 11-year age gap with fiancé Joe Amabile. ...

Serena Pitt's TikTok About Her 11-Year Age Gap With Joe Amabile Is *Chef’s Kiss*

And Joe thinks so too.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Summer romances are famously romantic and notoriously impractical. When falling in love on a beach in literal Paradise, it’s easy to overlook a lot of things... including an 11-year age gap. Heading back to the real world, however, that particular subject is bound to come up — and nobody knows that better than the beach’s prom king and queen, Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile. Fortunately, they’ve discovered that humor is the best way to address the subject, and Serena’s latest TikTok about her age gap with Joe is hilarious proof that they’re not letting the criticism get to them.

When Serena, 23, learned that Joe was 35, she did not exactly take it well. “You’re 12 years older than me,” she told him. (Serena turns 24 on Oct. 25 and Joe’s birthday is April 12, so it’s actually more like 11.5 years older.) “Yeah, I’m a lot younger than you. You’re 35. That’s a whole different stage of life than I’m in.” (Before you get too worried, her tone was totally playfully teasing.) “Man, you’re gonna be 40 in five years,” she quipped. Joe took her remarks in stride and laughed, telling her, “Shut up.” But that was far from the end of this particular conversation.

Even after the BIP finale, their proposal, and their return to the real world, there is no end in sight to the age gap questions — something Serena knows very well.

On Oct. 13, Serena took to TikTok to put an end to the matter (maybe) once and for all. She did it in the best way possible — by pointing out all the other successful relationships with age gaps we know and love, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The video went viral, gaining over 1.5 million views and 140,000 likes. And the comments section was firmly in support of Grocery Store Joe and Serena. One TikTok user commented, “Because when Grocery Store Joe gets down on a knee and offers you a ring... you accept it.” Another wrote, “YOU GUYS ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER... WISHING YALL A LIFETIME OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS.” (Same.)

Joe himself also seemed to like the video. He shared it to his Instagram Stories and added his own take on the TikTok, “I mean... she ain’t lying.”


Well, there’s nothing like a funny TikTok to put an 11-year age gap to put things in perspective. Here’s hoping she won’t have to play it as part of their wedding slideshow.