7 Married Couples Reveal The Secret To Staying In Love


In a world full of dating apps and people on the hunt for the next best thing, the idea of spending the rest of our lives with someone we love deeply can seem like a shattered fairytale that no longer exists.

It's almost too far-fetched to imagine meeting someone we'll stomach the energy and the desire to want to see past date three — let alone after 10 years.

So what's the secret to staying in love and having a lasting relationship? What makes your bond solid over time, and what makes it fall apart instantly?

Read this advice from couples who've been married for 10 years as they admit the number one secret that's making them falling more in love with each other every day.

Time spent apart

— Shelley M., 37

Constant communication

— Tom P., 32

Having things in common

— Craig M., 35

Many, many fights

— Emma J., 37

Our kids

— Laura V., 34

We take care of ourselves

— Michael C., 40

Our rituals

— Debby R., 37