Scott Disick's reaction to Sofia Richie's engagement is so funny.

Scott Disick’s Reaction To Sofia Richie’s Engagement Is Hilarious

At least he’s got a sense of humor.

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge! The couple announced their engagement on April 20, and it certainly seems like everyone’s happy for them — even Richie’s ex, Scott Disick. Taking to Instagram on April 20, Disick made it clear that there are no hard feelings. Instead, he poked fun at his habit of dating and breaking up with women right before they meet their ~forever~. No exaggeration, Disick’s reaction to Richie’s engagement was hysterical.

“In the 305 just call me good luck chuck,” Disick captioned a photo of him driving a boat. For those a little lost, Good Luck Chuck is a rom-com from 2007, in which the main character is cursed so that every women he’s with finds their soulmate right afterwards. In other words, it sums up Disick’s recent relationship patterns kind of perfectly — though I’m still waiting on Amelia Gray Hamlin to find her special someone.

Before you get too worried about Disick, it doesn’t sound like his self-deprecating joke was covering for some deep, unresolved feelings toward Richie. According to a source, there’s no lingering heartbreak for Disick — at least, not where Richie is concerned. “Scott has moved on from Sofia. It’s been almost two years since they broke up,” the insider told Us Weekly.

Though Disick might not be too upset of Richie’s engagement, he did spend the day of her announcement poolside with Larsa Pippen, an ex-friend of the Kardashian fam. Maybe they were having a vent sesh? Then again, their hangout might have nothing to do with Richie’s new fiancée status.

The Us source added, “[Disick] would be happy for [Richie] and just wish her well. He’s not heartbroken over this, that’s for sure. He’s way more heartbroken over Kourtney’s engagement to Travis.” (Um, by this source’s same logic, Disick should be way over that by now, considering that breakup happened seven years ago — AKA way further back than his split with Richie.)

OK, so Disick may still be a little hurt over Kravis, but it does seem like he is starting to move on from Kourtney Kardashian. He took Rebecca Donaldson, AKA his latest love interest, to The Kardashians Hulu premiere. Donaldson is a 27-year-old British model. And although the duo hasn’t spoken up about their connection yet, him taking her to the red carpet certainly felt like a big step. Plus, in the show, he mentioned wanting to “find somebody real and serious, and someone I would actually spend my life with” — according to him, that person would need to be in “like, y’know, [their] upper twenties.” (27 qualifies!)

Here’s hoping Disick finds his person soon, and breaks the Good Luck Chuck curse once and for all.