7 Reasons You Shouldn't Worry About Running Into A One Night Stand

by Matthew David Hays

Maybe it's just me and the small city I am in but the chances of me running into someone off Grindr, Tinder, Surge, Scruff -- or whatever the new thing is -- after a hookup are very high.

It's bound to happen with only one gay club, one gay bar and knowing which straight bars are gay-friendly. Maybe it's gay culture or maybe it's the small town feeling but everyone tries to act like they didn't sleep with you and they don't know who you are. Maybe it's just me but I always come up and say hi. Why not? It's not like I'm a child who can't ever see you again. Plus, if you make eye contact with me, you better bet your ass I will come say hi.

Here's why I never fear the awkwardness of running into an old hookup.

1. I knew it was a one-time deal.

I'm not coming up to try to start anything. I'm not going to create drama. Unless you were really good, and I mean really, really, really good, I'm just coming over to say hi. If it's been a while, I would love to see how things are. I don't remember anyone throwing anything or punching holes in walls. Why can't I say hi, even if it is just that?

2. We aren't children, or at least I'm not.

Yes, I've seen you naked. You've seen me naked. We did that because we are adults. Therefore I can see you in public, fully clothed and act like an adult. To say you aren't here to try and get some, or that you haven't tried in the past and are “above” me somehow, does nothing for you, me or us. We all have different desires each night we go out, so let me say hi and I'll be on my way.

3. It's a small community.

Again, it's a small town and an even smaller gay community. We are bound to run into each other at some point. It's not a matter of if, but when. Let's not make it awkward. You know what? Let's have a drink, laugh and just be normal people. Is sex really that awkward for you?

4. Would a round two really be so bad?

I mean, sex is like wine. It gets better as it ages. The more you know someone, the better it is. Sure, it may not have been the best but there are only a few times when it was really, really, really bad, and you weren't one of those.

5. Do you not watch Netflix?

In every show, the one night stand, or ex, makes an appearance. They always come back. There's sexual tension and they hook up. Maybe they stay for a while or maybe they go on their way. Sure it's done for drama but clearly most of my friends are that way too. TV may portray it but it does also happen in real life.

6. Your options are limited.

I get that in a bigger city, NYC, you have options. There aren't so many options here. I'm also one of the better-looking ones. While you think I've kissed and told, I haven't. But talking to everyone else, I know you did. Maybe if you wanted to jump back in bed, I'd let it slide.

7. You can't unlick my butthole.

There, I said it. You can't undo the things you did to me or the things I did to you. To be honest, I've made a joke about it during stand up. I really don't care. So instead of shying away from what happened, let's embrace it and go for round two.