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Robert Pattinson revealed Suki Waterhouse’s emotional reaction to ‘Batman.’

Suki Waterhouse’s Reaction To Robert Pattinson In ‘Batman’ Was So Emosh

And things got hot and heavy fast.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is coming to theaters March 4, 2022, and apparently, this time around, Gotham is an impactful place to be. During a Feb. 16 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pattinson revealed that Suki Waterhouse had an emotional reaction to Batman. According to Pattinson, his girlfriend even shed a few tears while watching him play Bruce Wayne in the film — and really, it was her response that made all the difference for him.

“I watched it with my girlfriend... It was really her reaction that kind of changed the entire thing [for me], because I’m pretty sure she’s not normally into watching superhero movies,” he explained Kimmel. “And just seeing that it was capturing her attention the entire time and then she held my hand and touched it [to her face] and I could feel a little tear. And I was like, ‘No way!'”

Apparently, things didn’t stay too sentimental for long. Kimmel asked him, “And then after the movie [was over], was she just all over you? Super sexed up from Batman?” 👀 Pattinson laughed and replied, “I mean... Yeah!” Hey, whatever gets you going!

Though Waterhouse might have a new appreciation for her beau after seeing his work (as a superhero, no less), they already had a pretty solid base to worth with. Pattinson and Waterhouse were first spotted together in July 2018 though Pattinson has really only started opening up about their connection during his Batman press tour.

But that’s not to downplay Waterhouse’s impact. She even helped shape Pattinson’s February 2022 GQ interview — encouraging him to change the setting from the London Zoo to Holland Park. “I was talking to my girlfriend last night and she was, like, ‘You know, people don’t really like zoos,’” he told the outlet. “I’d been thinking about a metaphorical thing. But then I was thinking that’s very wrong, a sad bear walking in circles.”

So yes, it’s safe to say that Waterhouse — and Pattinson, too — are in the habit of taking a sensitive approach to many aspects of life, not just his heroic acting roles.