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Raven Gates shared her first baby bump pictures after announcing that she and Adam Gottschalk are ex...

Raven Gates' First Baby Bump Photo On Instagram Is Adorable

Wells Adams will be the godfather, right?

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Everyone stay calm, but Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are expecting their first baby! (OK, if you can’t stay calm, I don’t blame you.) The Bachelor in Paradise couple shared the exciting announcement on Instagram on July 26, after teasing the big news on IG stories. “Our Honeymoon baby will be here in January,” Gates wrote alongside the announcement post. “I’ve loved you before you were in my womb!” So sweet!

Since then, the couple has shared a few peeks into their pregnancy journey, including Gates’ first baby bump pictures. And the photos are seriously adorable. The couple shared the pics on a new, baby-dedicated IG account, appropriately named @baby.gottschalk. The account has already racked up over 23K followers (not too shabby), so it’s fair to say people cannot wait to learn more about Gates and Gottschalk’s parenthood ~journey~.

The account’s first post showed off Gates’ growing baby bump. According to the caption, Gates is at the very beginning of her second trimester. “I am 13 weeks and 4 days! That means I’m the size of a peach this week! 🍑,” the caption read — written, of course, from the baby’s perspective. “I’m continuously moving around in mommy’s belly, but she can’t feel me… yet! Even the ultrasound tech said I was super active.”

Besides moving around, the baby has also been giving Gates’ some serious cravings. “I’ve been making mommy crave all of my daddy’s favorite foods - Pho & ramen 🍜! Also anything & everything hot or spicy! 🔥,” the post continued. On his personal account, Gottschalk also commented on the cravings, “Your Mom has already started to like Daddy’s food groups and I think that’s a great start.” Who knew babies had such refined palates?

Although this was only the first of (hopefully) many posts from @baby.gottschalk, it’s not the only way Gates and Gottschalk are keeping their followers in the loop for the pregnancy. The couple also posted a candid video on their YouTube channel, sharing the sweet moment they first found out they were expecting on May 15.


Most of the video is the duo waiting for the results of the test, laughing nervously, with Gates explaining how she tracked her ovulation. But once they flipped over the test and saw that little plus sign, it became an unfiltered moment of complete surprise and bliss. “Oh, that’s crazy,” Gottschalk said after kissing Gates’ forehead. “Oh my gosh.... Holy,” she replied (see: screamed), before shutting off the camera. Aww!

After postponing their wedding due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the couple finally tied the knot on April 16. They met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in 2017.

I’ll say it: I’m officially obsessed with them (and their peach-sized baby).