These 3 Things Are The Key To Pulling Off A Romantic Proposal She'll Love

by Alexa Mellardo

Listen up, guys. There are a few really important components that make up every incredible marriage proposal.

You want to take her breath away. No cheesiness allowed. This is the real deal. You both will remember and cherish this moment for the rest of your lives, so make this proposal count. No do-overs.

Needless to say, the pressure is most certainly on ... but in a good way.

Whether or not your girl expects to be asked the big question at some point in the near future, there are three key details to pay close attention to when planning the main event: the element of surprise, your presentation of the ring and the overall creativity behind that special moment.

I'm here to give you the low-down on how to make your proposal epic.

1. You know her best, so pick a surprise she'll fall in love with.

The surprise game can be a love-hate relationship. Some girls absolutely love surprises, while others … not so much.

Know your lady. If she's casual, turn your proposal into a more casual plan. If she loves fancy glitz and glam, you should definitely pop the question to her in an elegant and dressy way. She may love something like this:

But this proposal inspired by "The Notebook" is just as incredible.

It depends on what she's all about. And you know that best of all.

I can't stress enough that it's super important to know you're both on the same page. Each of you should feel it's the right time in your relationship and stage of life to take things to the next level. It's wise to know ahead of time if the answer will most likely be yes.

2. Don't be corny or sloppy when it comes to presentation of the ring.

When it comes to tradition, I'm old-fashioned. As far as proposals are concerned, I don't know one girl who would not be completely flattered, enamored and awe-struck by seeing the love of her life get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.

I mean, come on. Look at how sexy and romantic this is:

But a diamond is elegant and classy, and it definitely deserves a great presentation. No girl wants to receive her diamond inside of — or on — her food. Like, ever. Please don't stuff it in a cupcake or place it in her wine. She wants to eat the dang cupcake, not choke on a ring.

I hope you're taking notes.

3. Pick a special place.

Pick a spot that is both worthy of a special moment and somewhere you feel comfortable. A proposal is not a show. It's a very personal and intimate moment between you and your bride-to-be. The only person she'll be focusing on is you.

A romantic rooftop proposal with your favorite wine or champagne is a spectacular spot to pop the question.

A landmark such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge is super cool, too. I love bridges for the mere fact that they bring two places together.

On a sailboat, with champagne and chocolate strawberries, is also an option, of course.

And a romantic beach setting, whether it's on walk surrounded by candles or while flying a kite, is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Seriously, though. Who could say no to this?

You're sure to be nervous, but that's OK. Just remember how much you love her, and how happy you will be when she says yes. This is the beginning of so many exciting, incredible chapters together. You've got this. Now go for it.