3 Ways To Prove To Your New Girl That You're Not A Total F*ckboy

by DanaMarie Alkhouri

Listen, gentlemen. As a woman who has seen many f*ckboys come in and out of her best friends' lives, and dealt with a few herself, my advice is this: Don't be an assh*le. If you want a woman to realize you're not a f*ckboy, here are three simple rules you should follow:

1. Do not play games.

I'm not talking about games as in your lovely Xbox or PlayStation 3. I'm talking about quitting the bullsh*t games.

Do not lie to her. Why is it so hard to ask for some respect? If you respect someone, you are honest with him or her. If you can sit there, lie to a woman's face and act like that bar hookup from the other night was nothing, you are completely disrespectful.

Honesty is the key here, and the number one factor for having a good relationship. It helps you gain respect for one another. Honesty and respect are the most important things to build character and friendship.

Show her that if a woman texts you or chats with you, you will tell her about it. This means more to her than you will ever know. She probably won't ask, but telling her about it will make her think, "Wow. This kid is different."

2. Show her you care through the little things that matter.

Showing her you care does not mean buying her everything in sight. It just means scheduling fun things with her. Take her to lunch, or stop by her place with some of her favorite things. The little things matter the most.

Girls remember the little things. They stick with us forever.

You guys might do a lot of bigger things as you grow together. However, sometimes, the little things outweigh the big ones. Remembering her favorite food or movie shows you care. She will see you are making an effort.

3. Learn how to become best friends.

Becoming her best friend (and letting her become yours) is one of the best things a woman could ever have. Open up to her. Just like she's hoping you're not another guy who'll waste her time, I'm sure you're hoping she's not some bimbo with a pretty face.

When someone is your best friend, you never get bored with that person. Being with your best friend makes time fly by. You can spend hours with him or her, and it will feel like 30 minutes together. You can't get enough of that person.

You see that your best friend's pain is your pain. The things that make that person happy make you happy. You want to do things that bring your best friend joy. Seeing him or her smile makes you smile.

You can hurt a lot of people, but why would you want to hurt your best friend? You will realize you will argue and make up, but is one stupid fight really worth losing your best friend over? Probably not.

At the end of the day, think about how would you feel if your SO did that to you or treated you in a sh*tty way. Women can be f*ckgirls too, you know.

You don't want that, so don't hurt her. I'm also not going to sit here and defend women because some need to understand that not all men are bad.

If you stay afraid of experiencing someone, you are missing out on a lot. Life is too short to avoid things. However, whatever the outcome may be, think of it as another lesson learned. The time you spent with that person was not wasted.

You took a good chance, and that is all that matters. I promise there are a few good ones out there. Don't be afraid to talk to someone because of your bad track record.