Ace dating a Pisces woman with these eight tips.

Pisces Women Are Amazing Partners — Here’s How To Return The Favor

Hint: Keep them laughing.

by Kara DeMaio and Hannah Kerns
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As a Pisces woman myself, I can attest that most of us are fascinating to the other zodiac signs. We are mysterious, sensitive, and lifelong nurturers, and we can be be difficult to understand at times. Our empathetic nature leads us to experience a full range of emotions depending on our environment and what's going on around us. Astrology writer Roya Backlund explains, “Pisces is a sweetly vulnerable, dreamy, and adaptable water sign. They are highly spiritual, creative, and deeply connected to their imaginations (which can make them intensely romantic).”

So keeping a Pisces interested can be a challenge. We have high standards when it comes to romance and treasure deep emotional connections. “Pisces is a zodiac sign that's highly idealistic and they want that reflected in their love life,” Backlund adds. “A Pisces wants a relationship that feels as though it's straight out of a movie; something larger-than-life.”

We feel deeply, love deeply, and are incredibly loyal. We are intuitive, accepting, and understanding by nature. When a Pisces dates, they need someone who matches their emotional intimacy without becoming clingy. “Symbolized by the fish, this highly emotional zodiac sign can get easily "hooked" by a relationship. However, they also require the freedom to swim as they please,” Backlund explains. A Pisces woman is hard to pin down, but if she lets you in, you can look forward to a deep, emotional connection. When it comes to dating and relationships, here are eight surefire ways to keep her engaged and interested:

1. Pisces Like To Ease Into Relationships.

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You are almost always going to have to make the first move with a Pisces. We may be standoffish at first, but only because we are shy. So feel free to take that first step. Just don’t get too serious too fast. The one definitive way of turning off a Pisces is by coming on too strong, too quickly. Keep things easygoing and light until she feels more comfortable around you. Backlund explains, “As I've said before, Pisces is also known as the ‘fish’ of astrology. Fish are slippery, scaly creatures, and if someone tries to hold onto them too tight, they'll just squirm and slide free from your grip.”

2. Pisces Love Creative Dates.

Pisces women are imaginative and creative. We are inspired by art, music and writing. “They're the quintessential escapists of the zodiac and they need something to titillate their imaginations at all times,” Backlund tells Elite Daily. Creative dates can help a Pisces woman stay interested, as it gives them an opportunity for their imagination to take over. Try taking her to a painting class or teaching her a chord on the guitar. Make something together. It doesn't matter if it's a piece of furniture or a meal. Create something that you both have a part in, and it will make a Pisces woman feel closer to you and more connected.

3. Pisces Appreciate Compliments.

I think this probably goes for everyone, but a Pisces woman likes to feel needed and loved. It’s only fair, considering how much she’s willing to give in a relationship. She's a nurturer, and she will make sure you are taking care of yourself. Being so sensitive and empathetic, she will take on your problems as if they are her own and go to battle for you whenever necessary. And she needs TLC in return. “[A Pisces’ perfect partner is someone] who understands their sensitivity and their love for all the cheesy and wonderful aspects of romance,” says Backlund. “A Pisces really needs a partner that makes them feel in love — deeply in love — but appreciates their vibrant and imaginative perspective on life.”

Tell her you appreciate her and all that she does. Give her small compliments when she doubts herself. Make sure she knows you need her. It will go a long way. If you tend to play your cards to the vest, she may not feel as valued in the relationship. “If they're dating someone who struggles to express their emotions and would rather concern themselves with logic instead of the heart, a Pisces may not feel super comfortable,” Backlund explains. And, according to her, Pisces tends to mesh with water signs and earth signs best for this reason.

4. Pisces Hate Teasing And Feeling Embarrassed.

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Pisces have a very hard time dealing with rejection. It's why we have such a difficult time saying no to someone else because we don't want to hurt their feelings or make them feel rejected. We hate feeling embarrassed and may feel “put on the spot” in situations, even if we aren't.

It’s because of our sensitive nature. “Pisces are known for being one of the kindest and most empathetic signs, mostly because they are so sensitive to people's emotions,” Backlund explains. So we tend to internalize and overthink things. Our feelings are hurt very easily, even if we hide it well. That said, when trying to win over a Pisces, avoid any flirtatious teasing or gentle mocking. Instead, focus on making them feel comfortable with you.She will openly appreciate it.

5. Pisces Love To Laugh.

Because Pisces are naturally empathetic people, we like to surround ourselves with positive, happy people who make us laugh. We tend to take on the feelings around us and are always going to be drawn to someone that can make us laugh easily. “Laughter is a bright and vibrant emotion and Pisces is a purveyor of emotion,” Backlund explains. “If a Pisces can't laugh with their partner, they might not feel like there's a strong emotional connection between them.”

6. Pisces Crave Adventures.

Pisces love adventure and new challenges, so try something new with her. It can help keep the relationship exciting and fulfilling for a Pisces. Backlund tells Elite Daily, “A Pisces can easily slip in and out of reality.” This is why an adventurous relationship is so important for a Pisces. “Adventure allows their minds to run wild as they accumulate experiences and see all that there is to see,” Backlund continues. Plan something exciting together and watch her light up.

And, yes, it will probably fall on you to organize these adventures. Pisces tend to be a bit indecisive, so we appreciate someone who can make a plan. And we typically like dominant partners who will take the lead.

7. Pisces Want Passion.

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Pisces tend to be the most romantic and sentimental of all the signs, so passion is an important part of the relationship. Steamy makeout sessions, long glances, hand-holding, deep conversation, and soft touches are all important. Having a hard time keeping your hands off each other is a big item on a Pisces' relationship checklist.

“This zodiac sign is ruled by expansive Jupiter and enchanting Neptune, which means Pisces is not satisfied with the mundane. They love to sprinkle a little magic onto every aspect of their life. And if they're relationship doesn't feel equally as magical, they may grow tired of it,” Backlund explains. Pisces believe true love can exist between two people, and we seek out a deep connection with our love interests. Show her your passion for her, for your family and friends, for your job, or for an interest you have, and it will be an instant turn-on.

8. Pisces Need Space.

Because we tend to be introverts, sometimes a Pisces woman needs some space and time to herself. Try your best to be supportive and understand that it isn't personal. We tend to get overwhelmed with emotions easily, and sometimes we just need a break to figure them out on our own.

Backlund explains, “Being the mutable signs they are, they go with the flow of the currents and love letting their heart lead the way. If you're trying to prevent them from being the wanderers they are, you're not appreciating what it means to be a Pisces.”

Pisces are complex thinkers who need to be emotionally and creatively stimulated. We are kind, loving and always want everyone to be happy. We try to see the best in people and are typically the first to offer help to someone else. It makes us great friends, and even better partners.

Pisces thrive in deep, emotionally intimate relationships where we can put our empathetic and nurturing natures to good use. We love to feel needed, and taking care of others is second nature to us. We are compassionate, giving and will truly try to see things from your point of view. Once committed, Pisces can be loyal, even to a fault.

If you have a Pisces woman in your life (or are trying to win one over), show her the same love and compassion she shows you. Inspire her creative and passionate side, and she'll go out of her way to make sure you're happy not just with the relationship, but also in life. At the end of the day, you'll always have a caring and supportive partner with a Pisces.


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