This Is The Petty, Little Thing You Hate The Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hater, a new dating app that launched February 8, 2017, has flipped the script for its users.

Instead of forcing people to put their best foot forward, leading with positivity and open-minded acceptance, Hater matches people up based on their mutual dislikes.

While some might not drink the Haterade, I think using negativity and cynicism to connect more positively with others is a very refreshing idea.

I used to use astrology for the same purpose.

For instance, if I knew I was going out with a Virgo, I'd make it clear how much I can't stand people who make a huge emotional scene when they're upset, and we could bond over stories of people who had no control over themselves.

But, I chatted with a spokesperson for Hater and found that based on the statistics from its 3 million users, each zodiac sign has a very specific dislike.

While Virgos definitely don't love dramatic emotional displays of any kind on a very deep level, one of their more petty dislikes is actually waking up to an alarm clock.

It's useful to know these little pet peeves since they often have the power to make or break a relationship in its earlier stages.

The sign known for being the most nonjudgemental, Pisces, wrote "Nuclear Bombs" as their pet peeve, which sets the bar pretty high.

So, if all of your relationships have fallen apart because you're a loud chewer, are rude to waiters or don't do the dishes, Pisces might be your best bet.

Aries hates bullies, Libras hate bad manners and the highest percentage of Capricorns, 83.9 percent, hate dirty bathrooms.

Well, that's weird because the only Capricorn I ever slept with had such a dirty bathroom that I literally had to ask him to clean it before I would pee in there.

Whatever your sign is and whatever your expectations, the statistics speak for themselves.

The following are the most common dislikes among the 12 zodiac signs:

Kylah Benes-Trapp

So, if you have a big date with a Leo planned for the next week, make sure you chew your food quietly!

While Leos might hate this the most, I'm pretty sure NOBODY likes sitting across from a loud-ass chewer.