I'm a firm believer that Pete Davidson's sex appeal should not be controversial, and there's proof I...

Stop Being Surprised That Pete Davidson Has Major Sex Appeal

If Kim gets it, why can’t you?

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No matter how many successful A-listers Pete Davidson pulls (ahem, Kim Kardashian), some people continue to be incredulous, as if Davidson’s sex appeal is some undercover, little-known secret. The simple truth of the matter is that there’s a reason hot girls date Davidson — he’s also hot. The man is 6’3”, covered in tattoos, genuinely funny, and stays off social media... what more could you want? As the inspiration for the term “big d*ck energy,” Davidson’s sex appeal should be nothing new. Yet every time he goes on a date, I am catapulted back to pre-Grandavidson times, explaining again and again that yes, Davidson is extremely hot, and no, it’s not a brand new phenomenon.

So when People shared photos of the Davidson and Kim Kardashian holding hands on a rollercoaster on Oct. 30, I knew exactly what to expect. Once again, Twitter began questioning Davidson’s charms — seriously, how have people not caught on yet? One tweet read, “Pete Davidson needs do a masterclass on how to date up.” Um, rude. But even if Twitter needs to be constantly reminded of Davidson’s appeal, Kardashian appears to be fully aware.

On Nov. 2, she left her luxury hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan to trek over to Staten Island to see Davidson. From Manhattan, it takes around an hour to get to Staten Island by car. (It’s only 25 minutes by ferry, but something is telling me Kardashian did not go by boat.) For those unfamiliar with Staten Island’s colorful reputation, Davidson once joked of his hometown, “I wished when Hurricane Sandy had hit Staten Island, it had finished the job.” He added, “I know Staten Island isn't all heroin and racist cops, you know. It also has meth and racist firefighters.” I have very little firsthand experience of Staten Island (I was once offered free eyelash extensions at a salon there — including a complimentary Uber from Manhattan — and I said no), but Davidson’s criticism of his hometown has never been kept secret.

On Wednesdays, we date Pete.

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But Kardashian didn’t seem to mind the journey or the company. While in Staten Island, Kardashian and Davidson had dinner at Campania, an Italian restaurant known for their pizza and pasta. That same day, an insider told Page Six that Kardashian was intrigued by him.” The source added, “She likes him.” And the next night, they reportedly had dinner again at Zero Bond, a private membership club in Manhattan.

All the evidence points to one, undeniable truth: Pete Davidson is hot. And I’m ready to prove it once and for all.

Even Davidson Has Questioned His Appeal

First, I have to address the elephant in the room: not everyone ~gets~ Pete Davidson, including Davidson. After his engagement to Ariana Grande in 2018, the SNL star told Variety that he couldn’t believe she said yes. “I’m still convinced she’s blind or hit her head really hard,” he said at the time.

And he knows that fans are equally surprised by his romantic relationships. In December 2019, during an SNL Weekend Update with Colin Jost (who is engaged to Scarlett Johansson), Davidson joked about the shocked responses to his successful dating life.

Davidson quipped, per Us Weekly, “It’s not fair, Colin. You get to date a famous woman and everyone’s delighted, but when I do it the world wants to punch me in the throat. What’d I do?” I don’t know, Pete, I really don’t know.

Davidson Has Dated Plenty Of A-Listers

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Despite people actively (and publicly) questioning Davidson’s appeal, his romantic life doesn’t seem to be suffering. Davidson’s rumored romance with Kardashian is only the latest example of his dating prowess. If you take a closer look at his dating history, it’s clear that Davidson has a type: uber-successful and beautiful. And he appears to have no trouble dating these women, either.

Davidson’s dating history includes Carly Aquilino (2015), Cazzie David (2016-2018), Ariana Grande (2018), Kate Beckinsale (2019), Margaret Qualley (2019), Kaia Gerber (2019-2020), Phoebe Dynevor (2021), and ~maybe~ Kim Kardashian (2021). Please note that these are only the famous people he’s been publicly linked to — with his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had also dated J. Lo on the DL (pre-Bennifer 2.0, of course).

Regardless of what you think about Davidson, there’s an obvious pattern here that leads me to one conclusion: The guy’s a total catch — at the very least, for a romantic fling. And I’d be lying if I said I was only just starting to notice.

He’s A Successful Comedian

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Davidson’s sense of humor has already gotten him far. You just don’t make it onto SNL at age 20 without being hilarious. Plus, according to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, some of Kardashian’s close friends, that might be part of his allure for the reality star.

Funny guys do a lot,” Teigen said in a video posted by TMZ on Nov. 3. Legend added, “Who wouldn’t want to be in love with a funny guy?” Later in the video, Teigen confirmed that Kardashian “definitely” needs a guy who will make her laugh — though she wouldn’t say if Davidson was that guy.

He Has A Great Personality

On SNL, Davidson’s mix of dark humor and self-deprecating jokes is charming — and apparently, he’s like that off-screen, too. Kate Beckinsale, another one of Davidson’s exes, also reportedly has a high opinion of the comedian. When the Instagram account Talk Thirty To Me posted a tweet about Davidson, screenshots (posted by Not Skinny But Not Fat) show that Beckinsale liked the post before unliking it.

The tweet read, “I love how every time Pete Davidson starts dating another beautiful celebrity everyone’s like ‘wtf is happening how did he do this what is this mystery???’ and everybody refuses to entertain the possibility that he might have a nice personality.”


And, yes, I’m taking this as proof that Davidson is a total sweetheart.

Davidson Is Honest About Mental Health

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Is there anything hotter than a guy who goes to therapy? Nope! And although Davidson has always been open about his mental health (in 2017, he shared he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder), he’s only recently explained how it affects his dating life.

In May 2021, during an interview with Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, Davidson explained that he opts for honesty when dating. “I just off the top [tell them], ‘Hey, I’m nuts. Here’s [sic] all of my issues. Here’s what I do. Here’s the therapist,” he said, per Page Six. “That could either be a lot for someone or they could be like, ‘Cool, that’s refreshingly honest.’ Or sometimes it can be a little intense and weird and people can’t handle that stuff.”

During that same interview, Davidson also said he doesn’t play games while dating, explaining that they tend to “create this whole anxiety and a lot of stress and there’s enough of that going on.” Self-awareness is sexy.

Davidson Has Iconic BDE

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No discussion of Pete Davidson’s sex appeal would be complete without a discussion of his BDE, aka “big d*ck energy,” the quiet kind of confidence of someone who knows they’re great in bed. Theories about Davidson’s BDE started when the SNL star was dating Grande in 2018. Though they were both famous at the time they got together, Davidson’s popularity didn’t come close to Grande’s — leading some fans to question what he was like in the bedroom.

Grande didn’t exactly stop the rumors, either. Even after they broke up, she referenced Davidson’s BDE in her “Thank U, Next” music video.


Yes, you read that right. But that’s actually not what sealed the deal on Davidson’s reputation. It was Davidson’s response to these big d*ck rumors that solidified his place on the BDE throne.

During his Netflix special, Alive From New York, Davidson responded to the rumors, "I don’t like that she talked all that sh*t for my penis. Everything is huge to her. Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my d*ck for the rest of my life is disappointed?” IMO, humility and humor are the two true marks of BDE.

All things considered, I do not know how people are still caught off guard by Davidson’s sex appeal. Even if you don’t find men over six feet tall with tattoos attractive (I mean, to each their own, but I can’t relate), how could you not fall — at least, slightly — in love with his personality? At this point, he’s literally the only person I would go to Staten Island for, and I’d even pay for my own Uber.

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