Pete Davidson responded to the Kim Kardashian dating rumors in the funniest way.

Pete Addressed The Kim K Dating Rumors In The Cheekiest Way

He didn’t deny it...

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Ring the alarm bells, we have an important Kete update: Pete Davidson finally addressed the romantic speculation surrounding him and Kim Kardashian. Although he kept things vague (as one does when they’re reportedly dating a Kardashian on the DL), he didn’t outright deny the rumors, either. On a Nov. 8 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Davidson responded to the Kardashian dating rumors in the best possible way — by keeping it funny and light.

During the interview, Meyers said, “I want to address something — I feel like I want to confirm if it's real or a rumor. This is something you've been reading a lot about in the press.” Per E!, he added to Davidson, “We appreciate you doing it here.” Cue everyone waiting with bated breath to hear what Davidson would say about the rumors.

Davidson took Meyer’s lead-up in stride. “I've been wanting to talk about this because there's a lot of people I walk by, people are like whispering and making eyes at me,” he said, referencing the rumors and conversations surrounding him and Kardashian. He added, “But it is true. I do have a show on Tubi coming out.” OK, not necessarily what I was hoping to hear, but happy for Davidson’s career announcement regardless. (BTW, Davidson’s animated show, The Freak Brothers, will premiere on the streaming platform on Nov. 14.)

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So... yeah, Davidson still isn’t opening up about his ~maybe~ relationship with Kardashian. But his coy response kind of fits perfectly with the rumors surrounding Kete. On Nov. 2, a source told People that the duo is “having fun” together. The insider added, “Pete can be super charming and Kim loves the attention.”

A source added to Us Weekly on Nov. 6, “It’s been very obvious for a while now that she’s been missing some fun and laughter in her life, and of course, Pete offers that in abundance.” And Davidson’s hilarious way of responding to the rumors proves that even more, aka he’s the perfect fling for Kardashian.

Although I’m still waiting for Davidson (or Kardashian, I’m not picky!) to address the dating rumors directly, I’m enjoying the will-they-won’t-they ambiguity in the meantime.