What Percentage Of Men Pay For Sex?

Paying for sex is a practice that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. I imagine that no amount of societal progression could stop this business practice, but I hope that fewer and fewer people take part in this practice as the years go on.

How few to be exact? I’m sure that male prostitution exists, although I’ve very rarely ever heard of it. Unfortunately, this stigma gets attached to men. So how many men actually pay for sex?

SAGE teamed up with the University of Portland to find that only one in ten modern men (approximately 14 percent) have paid for sex in their lifetime, and one in 100 over the last year.

I must admit, that percentage is lower than I thought it would be. The media strongly portrays this practice as being more prevalent than it actually it, so for this, men, I apologize.

Are you surprised by this percentage?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images