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Olivia Jade Had A Super Blunt Response To Those DWTS Hookup Rumors

She's done with the drama.

ABC/Christopher Willard

What’s a season of Dancing With The Stars without a romance rumor between dancing partners? This season’s targets are Olivia Jade Giannulli and Val Chmerkovskiy. And considering Val has been married to fellow dancing pro Jenna Johnson since 2019, and Olivia and Val are 13 years apart, these rumors got out of hand very quickly. And Olivia is tired of them. On Oct. 17, she posted a TikTok about the Val hookup rumors, clearing them up once and for all.

The rumors started when a TikTok account (@dearjane1) re-enacted a story about an affair between two DWTS contestants. According to the anonymously submitted story, the “male dancer” requested that they keep his wife away from his trailer, and they later heard the “dancer and [his] young female dance partner/contestant giggling.” Though the user didn’t name any names in the since-deleted video, it was pretty clearly about Olivia Jade and Val. And the comments sections had no trouble riddling it out.

The rumor went viral, and eventually got noticed by Olivia herself. And despite the popularity of this particular piece of gossip, Olivia assured her fans that it was completely false — and, considering @dearjane1 blocked Olivia, it sounds like she has every right to be upset about these allegations. So it’s no surprise that she decided to respond to the video with a TikTok of her own.

She shared a short clip of the rumor on her TikTok page before popping up on screen to explain her side of the story. “Hey guys, I just wanna clear the air before this goes any further or this video blows up anymore,” Olivia explained, per Us Weekly.

“First of all, the woman that posted it blocked me. Someone had to send me this video. I’m just going to be super blunt and straight up, and just say that Val and I are not hooking up. We’ve never hooked up.,” she explained. “This is a complete rumor; we are genuinely good friends and I adore his wife.”

Olivia and Val’s relationship is completely platonic. “It’s just a dance show and we’re just friends. I don’t know why everything has to be something, but I’ve already obviously seen a ton of negative comments,” she added. “And I’d get it if it was true, but it’s not, so let’s end this here and let’s f*cking dance and have fun on this show, and not create lies especially when you also have almost 400k followers. It’s not cool.”

Though this isn’t the first time Olivia has been at the center of controversy, this time, people are mostly on her side. One TikToker replied to her video, “Love that you addressed this so quickly, hate that you had to.” Another wrote, “do people not realise [sic] that guys and girls can just be friends.”

Here’s hoping this response puts an end to the rumors for good, so these two can continue dancing in gossip-free peace.