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Olivia Holzmacher's IG Story after Joe Burrow's Super Bowl loss was simple & sweet.

Olivia Holzmacher Shared A Short And Sweet Message After Joe Burrow’s Super Bowl Loss

Peak supportive GF right here.

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The Cincinnati Bengals might not have left the 2022 Super Bowl with the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, but that didn’t make Olivia Holzmacher any less proud of her boyfriend, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. Before the game on Sunday, Feb. 13, Holzmacher showed support for her college sweetheart with a series of Instagram Stories, including a snap of a customized Burrow koozie. Like a true hype crew, the Instagram love didn’t stop after the Los Angeles Rams won, and Olivia Holzmacher’s IG Story and post after Joe Burrow’s Super Bowl loss was simple and supportive to the max.

If you caught her Instagram Story, then you’d know Holzmacher was pretty much the biggest Bengals fan in the stands at the Feb. 13 game. She chronicled the whole night from beginning to end, starting with a repost from the official LSU Football Instagram account of her BF walking into the SoFi Stadium in a snazzy black and grey striped suit, wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Burrow and the Bengals had a shot at victory during the 2022 Super Bowl, even leading the Rams 20-16 at the end of the 3rd quarter, but the team came up short, losing 23-20.

After the 4th quarter came to a close, Holzmacher posted a photo from outside SoFi Stadium late Sunday night captioned with a simple and supportive message: “Still beyond proud.”


While Burrow had some great plays in the game, it wasn’t enough to grab the win. He even had a scary moment early in the 4th quarter, when he was sacked by Rams outside linebacker Von Miller. After the hit, Burrow went down and was holding his knee, and the camera cut to a very worried Holzmacher next to Burrow’s mom in the stands. That football GF life is not for the faint of heart!

Thankfully, Burrow seemed OK after he came back in the game — and it seemed Holzmacher couldn’t be any less proud of her longtime boyfriend. Echoing her sentiments immediately after the game, she posted an IG photo on Feb. 14 of herself and some friends in front of the field. The caption read: “Super Bowl LVI. Such an experience this weekend. Entirely proud. Thank you Cincinnati.”

Beyond proud. Entirely proud. Holzmacher made sure to let everyone know Burrow is MVP in her eyes — and he has been for some time. Holzmacher and Burrow reportedly met in 2017 at Ohio State University, before Burrow left OSU to join the football team at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2018, where he won the College Football National Championship in 2020.

Clearly, championship football is old hat for Holzmacher. When the Bengals won the AFC Championship on Jan. 30 to advance to the Super Bowl, she shared an Instagram post captioned with three red hearts and two photos: one of her sporting Burrow’s number (9) on an orange coat and a post-game selfie with Burrow. NFL’s 2021-2022 season is officially over, but you can likely count on seeing proud GF Holzmacher in the stands next season.